May 16, 2021


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Rescued cat trapped on flyover

Robinhood, a private animal rescue company, has rescued a cat stranded on the capital’s Malibagh flyover after receiving a call from the National Emergency Service on 999. Emon, a resident of a building near the Malibagh flyover in the capital, called 999 last Tuesday.

Anwar Sattar, an inspector with the National Emergency Service 999, confirmed the information on Wednesday (March 31st). Couldn’t go up and down. Every day the cat tried in various ways but could not get out of the trap. The caller, who said the cat had been starving for several days, called 999 to rescue the cat. Upon receiving the news, Robinhood’s rescue team reached the spot at half past noon. They then managed to rescue the cat safely from a height of forty feet after about two and a half hours of effort.

The government has given new instructions to the public transport to abide by the hygiene rules by increasing the fare by 60 percent as the transmission of corona is increasing rapidly in the country again. Passengers are in extreme distress as the buses of the capital carry half the passengers in compliance with the instructions. Many people had to wait for hours and get into the car.

The scene was seen in the Farmgate area of ​​the capital at 10:30 am on Wednesday (March 31). As soon as the bus stopped, many people got stuck by the helper. Passengers were seen forcibly getting on the bus even though they refused to do so.

A BRTC double-decker bus leaving from Mirpur was spotted disobeying instructions. Stay away from following the hygiene rules, the bus was traveling to Gulistan without leaving the seat empty. When Farmgate came to a halt, it was seen that the passengers were standing side by side. When asked why he was not following the rules, Rasul Mia, the helper of the car, said that the passengers were pushing and getting into the car even after repeatedly obeying. We can somehow convince them.

A passenger who got into the car by pushing said, “Brother, I can’t get the car.” There is no way not to get up like this.

The same scene was seen in the capital’s Kalyanpur on Wednesday morning. Shyamoli, Collegegate, Dhanmondi, Khilgaon, Farmgate, Magbazar, Kawranbazar and several other areas. Carrying half of the passengers created an artificial vehicle crisis in the capital. Many people have tried to get on the public transport by force thinking that they have to reach the office by any means. Many have found alternative ways again. Again, many have walked to their destination. The purpose is the same, to reach the office by any means.

After the outbreak of coronavirus in the country last year, the government decided to run buses with half the passengers. Public transport went on like that for two months. Even then the bus fare was increased by 60 percent. The government issued a notification with 16-point instructions yesterday as the infection has been on the rise since March this year. It instructs public transport to adhere to hygiene rules and not to transport more than half of its capacity. According to the government directive, for the time being, passengers have to be transported by leaving half the seats vacant in public transport for two weeks.