August 6, 2021


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In Brahmanbaria, the weight of an earthly child is 5 kg 600 g

A woman has given birth to a baby boy weighing 5 kg 600 grams in Brahmanbaria. The child and his mother are healthy.

The baby was delivered by caesarean section at the private Holylab Hospital and Diagnostic Center in the district town at around 7 pm on Thursday. Gynecologist Fauzia Akhter operated on the pregnant mother.

Hospital sources said Abul Bashar, a resident of Aruail Union in Sarail upazila of the district, took his wife Taslima Begum, 38, to Holylab Hospital and Diagnostic Center on Thursday afternoon. Taslima has previously given birth to three children without any surgery. As the labor pains continued to increase, Fauzia Akhter, a gynecologist at the hospital, operated on Taslima at around 7 pm. Taslima later gave birth to a baby boy. Hospital doctors measure the baby’s weight after birth. Shows the weight of the baby, 5 kg 800 g.

According to the doctor of the hospital, if a woman is 36 weeks pregnant, she usually gives birth to a baby weighing 2.5 kg. And at 40 weeks pregnant, she gives birth to a baby weighing three to three and a half kilograms. However, if a pregnant woman and her husband have a fit body, some of them give birth to a baby weighing four to four and a half kilograms. Called an overweight child. However, if the weight of the baby is five kg or more, it is called sacrocemia.

Fauzia Akter is the Chief Physician of the Gynecology Department of Brahmanbaria General Hospital. The doctor said in the first light, “Usually a pregnant woman and her husband have a healthy body or if the parents of the child have diabetes, an overweight child should be born.” But the case of this child is quite an exception. Because, his mother and father’s body weight is normal and no one has diabetes. The baby that Taslima gave birth to is what we call sacrocemia. At present both the mother and the child are healthy. ‘

Fauzia Akhter said the woman was believed to have eaten a balanced diet while pregnant. Earlier, she gave birth to three more children. She gave birth to all three children in the normal process (without surgery). She said last Thursday she tried to give birth in the normal process. He was rushed to hospital.