August 6, 2021


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Two bodies were recovered from Savar and Ashulia

In separate incidents, police recovered two bodies from Savar and Ashulia.

Two bodies were recovered from Jorpul in Savar and Maragang in Ashulia on Saturday morning.

Neighbors found the body of a female garment worker with a fan hanging in her rented room in Savar’s Jorpul area on Saturday morning, police said. Upon receiving the news, Savar Model Police Station recovered his body and sent it to Shaheed Suhrawardy Hospital in the capital for autopsy.
Savar Model Police Station SI Apurba said they were trying to find out the name of the woman worker.

On the other hand, Ashulia police recovered the body of an unidentified youth from Turag river in Maragang area of ​​Ashulia on the same morning. The body has been sent to Shaheed Suhrawardy Hospital in the capital for autopsy.

It may be mentioned that in the last two days, the police recovered four bodies from Savar, Ashulia and Dhamrai.

BD Daily / Kalam

A worker named Monir Hossain (55) died after being burnt by a gas leak while cleaning the kitchen water pipeline at Bandar Police Station in Narayanganj.

She died at the Sheikh Hasina Burn and Plastic Surgery Institute in Dhaka on Friday. Sabuj Mia, son of the deceased, has filed an unnatural death case with the Bandar Police Station.

It may be mentioned that on March 27, a fire broke out in the rented house of Solaiman Miah in Nabiganj East Noadda of Bandar Police Station due to a gas leak. The victims were identified as Mahasin (40), Solaiman (50), Monir Hossain (55), Nazim Uddin (55) and Mahfuz (14). Upon hearing the news of the fire, the locals rushed to the spot and tried to control the fire for 10 minutes.
Later, the locals rescued the injured and sent them to Bandar Health Complex. The on-duty doctor there instructed to send the injured to Dhaka Sheikh Hasina Burn and Plastic Surgery Institute. Mahfuz, one of the five burn victims, returned home with first aid. The remaining 4 burn victims were admitted to the burn unit.

A former bodyguard of Salman Khan has been arrested in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India on charges of vandalism and vandalism.

On Thursday morning, he suddenly went out on the streets like crazy and started rioting. Upon receiving the news, the police and firefighters came and tied him up with ropes and fishing nets. The video has spread on social media.

A couple of years ago, Anaj Qureshi used to work under Salman’s chief bodyguard Sheru. He now works as a security guard for a minister in Maharashtra. He returned to Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh from Maharashtra a decade ago. His house is in Pir Gaib area of ​​Mughalpura police station in Moradabad.
Two days ago, Qureshi took part in the ‘Mr Moradabad’ contest, police said. But could not be the first, be the second. Anaj Qureshi was upset about that. Qureshi overdosed on steroids. In that condition he went to the gym to exercise on Wednesday afternoon. From there he ate at night and fell asleep. But due to the effect of excess steroids, he left home in the morning and started vandalizing the street.

According to locals, Qureshi was not wearing any clothes. At that time he was chasing people on the street. He was even accused of throwing brickbats at them. Qureshi later got an iron rod in his hand. With that, he started breaking the glass of the car standing on the side of the road.

The news reached the police station soon after Qureshi’s harassment started. Police and firefighters arrived at the scene. They tried to catch Qureshi with a rope, a blue fishing net. That video has been uploaded on social media. It is seen that once the police are trying to arrest Qureshi, Qureshi seems to be cooperating peacefully. After a while, he gets excited and tries to push everything out. Earlier, Qureshi was named in a rape case in 2016, police said.

BD Daily / Kalam