July 25, 2021


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Crow Sanctuary Hariharpur village

Crow Sanctuary Hariharpur is a small village in Dinajpur. As they walk down the street in the middle of the village before evening, they catch a glimpse of ‘ka ka’. They are loaded on every bamboo bush or tree branch.

Thousands of crows can be seen here in the morning or afternoon and evening. This image is everyday. At that time, looking at the top of the tree, it seems that there are no leaves of the tree, there are only crows and crows. Very early in the morning these crows go to far-flung areas. They started coming in the afternoon. Crows meet in the evening. They stay here at night. Due to this the village has now become known as Kaua (Crow) Para. However, even though there are so many crows, the people of the area are not bothered. Kawapara alias Hariharpur village is located in Auliapur union of Dinajpur Sadar upazila. College students Naeem Islam, Raihan and many others from Hariharpur village said that these crows have been living together in this area for many years. The people of the area are not bothered about this crow of nature. Without it, they do not stay during the day. People do not harm them. For this reason, crows are living at night thinking it is a safe abode. Local Basinda Taimur Islam, 45, said she had seen people since birth. The people of the village do not bother the crows. Not a cause of harm to anyone. Rather the crows keep the environment of this area clean.

Note that the crow is a known bird. Sometimes they make loud noises and sometimes they make loud noises. Although not as beautiful as other birds, nature is important in maintaining the balance of the environment. Crows eat a lot of unwanted things in the environment. Which people throw away as leftovers in the environment. These leftovers pollute the environment but eating crows as food does not adversely affect the environment.

BRTC is unloading 60 new double-decker buses on the road. The decision was taken due to the decision to transport 50 per cent passengers by leaving seats vacant to prevent coronavirus infection. People are suffering due to the public transport crisis.

According to BRTC sources, more than 600 BRTC buses ply on different routes in the capital. Like other public transport, BRTC buses are also carrying passengers with half seats vacant. As a result, many passengers are not able to get on the bus.

BRTC chairman Tajul Islam told the media that 36 new double-decker buses have been launched since last Thursday out of concern for the plight of passengers. From tomorrow, 24 more buses will start transporting passengers on the road. These buses were repaired at the BRTC depot.