August 6, 2021


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6 thousand 17 students did not take part in the medical admission test

This time 6,018 students did not take part in the medical admission test in the 2020-2021 academic year. Director of the Department of Health Education (Medical Education) and MBBS Admission Test Committee Member Secretary Prof. Dr. Friday night. This information was given in a circular signed by AKM Ahsan Habib.

It has been said that 1 lakh 22 thousand 84 students applied for the examination, out of which 1 lakh 18 thousand 758 people took part. As such, 6,017 students did not take part in the examination. This time 2,006 people took part in the examination against each seat. The test started at 10 am at 55 centers across the country. The one-hour test was conducted as per the previous rules.

BD-Daily / Shafiq

On Friday, MBBS admission test was taken at Comilla Medical College Center and Comilla Government Women’s College sub-center. Out of five thousand students, 36 were absent in the admission test.

According to sources, there were 3,250 candidates in Comilla Medical College. Of these, 242 were absent. In Comilla Government Women’s College sub-center, 1,650 candidates were absent and 146 candidates were absent. Candidates are allowed to enter the center through several levels of security. Numerous police were deployed outside. Authorities arranged chairs for the parents to sit neatly outside the Comilla Medical College Center.

Comilla Government Women’s College sub-center was responsible for the vice president of Comilla Medical College. Ijazul Haque. He said, ‘Examiners have been allowed to enter the hall in compliance with the hygiene rules. However, no untoward incident has taken place.
Comilla Medical College Principal. Abul Kalam Azad said, “We have worked hard for the last few days to take the exam properly. We have arranged hand sanitizer. I gave masks to parents and students who did not wear masks. We have arranged for the parents to sit outside. ‘

He said, ‘Two executive magistrates at two centers and sub-centers, two representatives from the Ministry of Health and two representatives from the Department of Health observed the examination. There were no irregularities in the examination.

BD Daily / Himel


Masters students of the Department of International Relations (IR) of Rajshahi University (RU) have sent a letter to the Education Minister and UGC requesting to change the results of the investigation alleging ‘fruit catastrophe’.

The students complained that the results of their 2019 MSS exams were disrupted due to the immorality, bias and vindictiveness of the head of the department, Professor Abdullah Al Mamun Chowdhury.

The letter sent last Thursday said, “Although there is a provision to take two in-course examinations with 20% marks for each course of the Faculty of Social Sciences, four courses did not take the in-course examination and the other four courses took one in-course examination.
When Professor Suben Kumar Chowdhury of the department went abroad, his two courses were not given to any other teacher and no in-course examination of those two courses was taken. And the president of the department did not take classes in one of his two courses and took only three classes in the other. Besides, he did not take incourse test in any of them. ‘

In the letter, they mentioned, ‘We do not understand how the incourse numbers of the four courses of Professor Suben Kumar Chowdhury and the head of the department have been given. Our firm belief is that we have suffered because we did not get the in-course exam number properly. In all the four courses, the students have suffered more.

The students complained about seven more issues in the letter, noting that the unethical actions of the department head had affected the results in various ways.

These are – irregularities in the formation of examination committees, purposeful evaluation of books by teachers of other disciplines and close to the President, irregularities in the appointment of thesis examiners, questioning of preferred students and examination of their theses by teachers close to the President. The indifference of the teachers of the department towards the misconduct of the President and the indifference of the Vice-Chancellor of the University in the matter.

One of the Masters students in the department, who did not want to be named, said, ‘Sir has increased the number of students of his choice for immoral purposes and has killed our parents’ dreams by reducing our results. In this case, we think that we have fallen victim to the ongoing corruption of Rajshahi University. Moreover, he is still oppressing us in many ways. He has deliberately given inconsistent and incorrect testimonials to harass us. We expect a proper investigation from the Minister of Education and the UGC. Otherwise, we will take legal action. ”

Asked about this, IR department president Prof Abdullah Al Mamun Chowdhury said the students’ allegations were baseless.