July 25, 2021


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Lack of coordination everywhere

The National Technical Advisory Committee on Kavid-19 has recommended immediate closure of any gatherings, including book fairs, social events and entertainment centers, to curb the rapidly growing coronavirus outbreak in the country. They also advise strict adherence to hygiene rules in all cases. But the reality is, the book fair is going on. Social rituals have not stopped. Hats, bazaars, offices, courts, business and commercial establishments are running as before. There is no plague of hygiene anywhere. Ordinary people are suffering under the direction of transporting half of the passengers without adequate transport arrangements. Protests are going on in the capital with the suffering people.

Government job exams are also going on. Medical admission test was also held as usual yesterday. Hygiene neglected in the crowd of students, parents and all concerned at the examination center. Most people did not have a mask on their face. Hefazat-e-Islam’s program in different places including the capital did not follow the health rules yesterday. Lack of coordination everywhere. The instructions of the National Technical Advisory Committee are not being obeyed. Experts say the whole country is overwhelmed by the second wave of corona. The number of victims is increasing day by day. The acute crisis of ICCU in hospitals. The Prime Minister’s Office has issued 18-point directives to deal with the second wave. Many ministries are involved in implementing them. Some ministries are working. And some ministries are still thinking about what can be done. Chaos is also going on with job examinations in different government departments. Some ministries or departments have canceled the examination. Again some are taking the test. Last Thursday, the President of the National Technical Advisory Committee, Prof. A press release signed by Mohammad Sahidullah said that social events, entertainment centers, book fairs and other fairs need to be closed immediately to prevent the disease. At the same time, to maintain social distance in transport, it is necessary to take steps to follow the instructions already given about wearing a mask. The National Technical Advisory Committee has advised to seek guidance from the Islamic Foundation on the observance of hygiene rules in religious ceremonies. The committee also felt that specific guidelines were needed for the implementation or preparation of the 18-point guidelines recently issued by the government on infection control. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Chairman of the Department of Pharmacology, Prof. Md. Sayedur Rahman told Bangladesh Pratidin, “This time the virus is more capable of infection and the patient’s physical condition is deteriorating rapidly.” This time, there are more and more reports of six or seven infected people in the same family due to the fact that the unidentified person has been wandering around a lot. The infection is growing rapidly. Now the rate of infection cannot be brought down just by following the hygiene rules. Now it cannot be dealt with just by following the hygiene rules. If the emphasis had been on hygiene more than a month and a half ago, the situation might not be as it is today. Now, five cities in Dhaka, Chittagong, Gazipur, Narayanganj and Moulvibazar have to be isolated from the rest of the country by imposing a 14-day curfew. Hundreds of people are seen coming to the market to visit the two raw markets of Badda-Shahjadpur. Everyone thinks nonsense. Most did not have a mask on their face. Someone had a mask on his face but it was on his chin. The sellers did not have masks on their faces. Hygiene rules were not found in these raw markets. Thousands of Hefazat-e-Islam leaders and activists were present in front of Baitul Mukarram in the capital yesterday. Many of them did not have masks on their faces. In the meantime, examinations of several government institutions have been held. Even today there will be an examination for a post in the Department of Social Services.

Ignoring medical rules in medical admission test: MBBS first year admission test of government and private medical colleges for the academic year 2020-21 was held in 55 venues of 19 test centers of the country including the capital yesterday. But in the presence of the students and parents who took part in the examination center, the hygiene rules disappeared. As the small gate of the main gate of Dhaka University Center is open, such a crowd of examinees and parents can be seen while leaving. Examiners and parents had masks on their faces, but there was no social distance. Not only in the Dhaka University area, but also in different parts of the country, before and after the test centers outside the test-parents have seen huge crowds. The main gate adjacent to Madhur Canteen at Dhaka University was kept closed and only the pocket gate was kept open. At the end of the test, the test takers and parents were seen pushing through the narrow pocket gate. Some parents expressed their displeasure and said that the authorities did not take any action even though they promised to abide by the health rules. No health awareness measures were taken. Although the main gate was open, it was not crowded at the time of exit. Parents were seen standing in a huge crowd outside Begum Badrunnesa Government Women’s College in Bakshibazar of the capital. Candidates were not seen washing or sanitizing their hands while entering the test center. Only the temperature has been tested. However, inside the test center, the teachers were given a bottle of sanitizer. Two examinees were placed at each end of the long bench. There was a huge crowd of examinees and parents before and after the start of the examination outside the Udayan High School center in Palashi. Visiting the venues of Chittagong College and Chittagong Medical College, it was seen that there was a huge crowd outside the centerThe guardians are evacuating. Admission test has been held in seven centers of Rajshahi. Social distance was not ensured when students entered and exited the center. Crowds of students were seen at the center before and after the start of the exam. Barisha? Leo had the same picture in different test centers. Hygiene was not a bad thing.
Suffering of working people in the capital: Half of the capacity of public transport is being taken as per the instructions of the government to combat the infection of coronavirus. The people of the capital have been suffering for the last three days. Office-going passengers in particular are in extreme danger. There is no end to the suffering of working people as the ride-sharing service or the ban on two-wheelers. Public-private offices-courts, businesses, shopping malls are still open. The decision to work with half the manpower in the office was not implemented. So employees have to go to work. But they have to wait for hours as there are not many passengers on the bus. Unable to get on the bus, many passengers blocked the road in several places of the capital. Again, many have been seen trying hard to get on the bus. Not being able to get up, some people are walking to work. Some have gone to work with extra money by rickshaw without getting a bus. The suffering of the working people of Dhaka is now extreme. Meanwhile, the Road Transport Authority (BRTA) yesterday banned the transport of passengers on motorcycles through the ride-sharing service for two weeks in the ongoing Corona situation. In this context, motorcyclists who make a living through ride sharing services are in extreme danger. Ride sharing is the main source of livelihood for many. Hundreds of motorcyclists staged protests in several areas of the capital, including Press Club, Paltan, Jatrabari and Dhanmondi, last Wednesday and Thursday in protest of the ban on passenger transport on motorcycles through the ride-sharing service.