August 6, 2021


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Overflowing crowd, expressing anxiety

On the day of the holiday, there was a huge presence of book lovers at the Ekushey Book Fair. There was great excitement. Suhrawardy Udyan had an overflowing crowd of 1.5 million square feet. However, publishers are deeply concerned about whether the crowds will continue. Because if the current schedule of the fair is not changed from 4 pm to 8 pm, then all hopes will be lost.

It is learned that the decision was to be taken after informing the government about the proposed schedule of publishers from 4 pm to 8 pm instead of 3 pm to 6 pm, but the Bangla Academy did not inform the publishers even after 24 hours. The two associations of publishers, Bangladesh Knowledge and Creative Publishers Association and Bangladesh Book Publishers and Sellers Association, have been waiting since Thursday afternoon, but the Bangla Academy has not been able to end their wait. Most publishers are also skeptical about whether the Bangla Academy has been able to inform the government about the publishers’ proposals. They say that the present government is art-literature and culture-friendly government. And Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is also a book lover and a generous person. If the Bangla Academy authorities can properly explain the schedule to the publishers from 4 pm to 8 pm, the government will consider the proposed schedule. We are now waiting for the decision of the government.

Expressing anger, several publishers said that the authorities had treated the publishers and the country’s publishing industry in a motherly manner with the decision to keep the fair open till 6.30 pm without consulting any publisher and the two associations. The Bangla Academy is arbitrarily working with the publishers to decide to close the entrance of the fair at the time when the fair is frozen in the evening. The publishers have made the publishers think enough about the reason why the Bangla Academy has organized the book fair from 3 pm to 6:30 pm on the basis of some reason and advice.
Meanwhile, book lovers came to the fair on the 16th day of the fair yesterday. He returned to the stall and pavilion after buying his favorite book. There was an uproar among the book lovers from the afternoon of the holiday on Friday till the end of the fair. On this day, every stall had bikinis as expected.

The fair will start at 11 pm on Saturday and will end at 6:30 pm.

Hawladar Belal’s ‘Antar Zami’: Poet Hawladar Belal’s book of poetry ‘Antar Zami’ was published at this year’s book fair. This book of poems is arranged with about 70 poems of various inconsistencies and romantic genres of the society. The book is available at stall number 561 of the fair. Price 150 rupees.

Khan Mahbub’s ‘Coronay Karsaji’: Poet Publishing has published Khan Mahbub’s book ‘Coronay Karsaji’. Corona has made the middle class, the lower middle class a new reality. Many people have been displaced from the city and various other issues have been highlighted in the book. The cover of the book is by Mostafiz Karigar. Price 200 rupees.

New books: According to the public relations sub-division of Bangla Academy, 199 new books arrived on the 17th day of the fair yesterday. Of these, 33 are story books, 36 are novels, 6 are essays, 54 are poems, 9 are research, 4 are rhymes, 1 is children’s literature, 4 are biographies, 3 are essays, 7 are liberation war, 2 are science, 4 are travel, 2 are history, 1 is politics, 2 are health. , 2 books on Bangabandhu, 1 comic / puzzle, 3 religious, 1 translation, 2 science fiction and 21 other books.