August 6, 2021


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A pair of sandals witnessed the murder

Junaid is the son of a poor family in Daulatpur village of Atpara in Netrokona. Age twelve. His elder brother Hafeez Rakibul Islam. Teacher of Rahima Khatun Hafizia Madrasa, Nayapara Manipur, Joydebpur. Junaid stays with his brother. He wants to be Hafez like his brother. He stays in the madrasa. His dinner comes from the house of Mosharraf Hossain Miah of the same village. Junaid himself brings food every night. Teacher Rakibul Islam introduced ‘Corporal Punishment’ (corporal punishment of underage students) in the madrasa.

December 2012. Winter in Kankan. Junaid did not return to fetch rice one night in that bone-chilling winter. He was brutally killed on the way while fetching rice. The killers were hiding to eat sugarcane next door. Junaid was not alone that night. With classmate Sourav. Saurabh is lucky. He was also beaten. He ran to the madrasa. Madrasa teacher Rakibul was shocked by his brother’s death. Although he did not fully understand how it happened, he had doubts about some people. He filed a case with Joydebpur police station. Direct allegations against the four. One of the accused is Maulvi Aminur Rahman, the founder of the madrasa. Maulvi Aminur Rahman is not a native of Joydebpur. His home is in Noakhali. An activist of Tabligh Jamaat. He came to the World Ijtema in 1972 and stayed there. He got married. He built a madrasa in the name of his grandmother-in-law Rahima Khatun in an attempt to repay the debt of love. He also built a mosque next to it. Police arrested all four accused.

After a year of investigation, the police filed a chargesheet against the four accused. In other words, Hafeez Rakibul’s claim is true. Now the trial will take place. Legally, there is no one to ‘disapprove’. The accused are all in jail. Realizing the serious danger ahead, they filed a ‘revision case’ against the chargesheet in the Gazipur Wise District and Sessions Judge’s Court. Following the hearing, the court directed the PBI to re-investigate the Junaid murder case. The PBI team went to the spot repeatedly after receiving instructions for investigation. Who came after the murder in search, what did they see. It is heard that a pair of shoes was worn to eat sugarcane. Shoes are no longer available. 2/1 people grabbed Smriti and said that the pair of shoes belonged to Shahid Sunny of Bhabanipur Farid Market. The PBI relies on this observational power of the villagers. Sunny is alert. Police are searching for his old shoes, excluding everything! He covers his body. This time PBI is pretty sure. The investigation is going to take a turn. The PBI launched an arrest operation. Sunny’s brother Balu Farooq was arrested. He used to trade in sand and his name became Balu Farooq. Three more were arrested one by one. Sheikh Mohammad, an elected member of the area again. Emdadul Haque. Everyone knows him as Emdad Member. He is again the son of the uncle-in-law of Maulvi Aminur Rahman, the founder of that madrasa. Balu Farooq admitted in court that Maulvi Aminur Rahman, the founder and president of the madrasa and mosque, is not a local, no matter how respected he may be. He is the son-in-law of the area. As a result, the Emdad member got into a dispute with his brother-in-law Maulvi Aminur Rahman over the leadership of the two organizations. The locals are also divided.
On the other hand, Maulvi Sahib was vocal about the ‘corporal punishment’ given by Junaid’s brother Madrasa teacher Rakibul Islam. He used to say that students should be taught the Holy Qur’an with love. But Rakibul was helped by Emdad members. So who gets Rakibul! He went down with the corporal punishment with double enthusiasm. Rakibul also expelled a student from the madrasa for protesting. At the stage, Emdad played the member punch. Junaid goes to fetch food every evening. Hafeez Rakibul will doubt Maulvi Aminul Islam if he is harmed. And ‘Kashipuri Sakshi’ (false witness) is themselves. Kellafate only if the punch works properly. Aminul will go to jail. And the mosque and madrasa will become his (Emdad member). According to him, Emdad member and his other cousin Tofazzal Sheikh signed a contract worth Tk 200,000 with Shafi Sunny, Sunny’s brother Balu Farooq, Emdad’s neighbors Wadud Munshi and Nurul Haque. According to the agreement, these four brutally killed Junaid in exchange for money. Hafez of Junaid Islam is no more. To fulfill a dream, a teenager left his parents and friends in a distant unknown environment. Junaid did not even know what his crime was. Source: Joydebpur Thana Case No. 92. Date-22/12/2012 Section 302/34 Penal Code.