August 4, 2021


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Juba League leader’s brother arrested in Shahjadpur

Detective police raided Shahjadpur in Sirajganj and arrested former convener of Shahjadpur Upazila Juba League Rajib Sheikh’s brother Milon Sheikh along with Yaba. According to the detective police, Milon and his four accomplices had been selling various drugs including yaba in Shahjadpur for a long time. Milon and his four accomplices were detained along with 350 pitches of yaba.

And locals say that under the umbrella of Juba League leader Rajib, his family is running a yaba-cannabis business in Shahjadpur under the influence of the party. Earlier, Russell’s elder brother Bachchu Sheikh and Bhabhi were arrested with yaba and marijuana. Meanwhile, as the family of the Juba League leader is involved in drug business, various rumors have started in the area.

The detainees are Milon Sheikh, son of Chandur, a resident of Dwariyarpur mahalla and younger brother of Rajib, former convener of Upazila Juba League, Kamal Sheikh of Pukurpar village, Rajab Sheikh of Parkola village and Sabbir Hossain of Sathia police station of Pabna.
Ariful Islam, sub-inspector of the district intelligence branch, said Sabbir and Rajab were arrested along with 140 pitches of yaba in a raid at Goljar’s house in Madla village of the upazila on a tip-off in the afternoon.

At that time, they said, Milon Sheikh was the main trader and they traded yaba from him. According to them, Milon Sheikh and his accomplice Kamal were arrested in a raid at Shaktipur Ataur market in the evening and one of them ran away. Later, 106 pitches of yaba were recovered from Milon’s shirt and 104 pitches of yaba from Kamal. A case has been filed with Shahjadpur police station in this regard.

Juba League leader Rajib Sheikh said, “My brothers know that they are intoxicated.” But I don’t know if it does business. However, I heard that he was detained along with Yaba.

Mirza Azam MP, organizing secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, said that the means of healthy entertainment is to play sports. Through play, a player can maintain his physical fitness as well as free himself from the terrible clutches of drugs.

He was speaking at the quarter-final rally of the Mujib Centenary Football Tournament in Jamalpur on Friday (April 2) afternoon.

He further said that if regular games are held at the national level starting from the district, on the one hand such good players will come out, on the other hand the spectators will also be a means of entertainment.
And that goal is being taken forward under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

BD Daily / Abu Jafar