April 12, 2021


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Hefazat’s garbage in the ruined field of politics

Garbage nests in a garden when it is not taken care of, when it is neglected. Garbage once took over the garden. It no longer has a garden, it becomes a pile of garbage. Politics is the most neglected issue in Bangladesh in the last one decade. The field of politics has now become a garbage dump in the multi-faceted conspiracy to ignore and pollute. Hefazat is one of the most harmful wastes in that garbage dump.

Since May 2013, this garbage has become so dangerous that it has become difficult for people to think freely and breathe normally. Hefazat on March 26 and 27 showed how big a threat they are to democracy, freedom and normal life.

If there is no healthy and normal political movement in a country, then the sick trend prevails. For the last two decades or so, there has been a silent plot to assassinate the country’s normal politics. This effort is now on the verge of success. Anyone will frankly admit that there is no such thing as politics in the country. Neither the ruling party Awami League nor the opposition parties are doing politics. The ruling Awami League is the largest political party in the country. Has been in power for more than a decade. The party has sent politics into exile in order to master the art of staying in power. The Awami League has made the administration head on to stay in power. The police are an ally of the Awami League. The Awami League has formed an open and secret alliance with all the forces working in the state apparatus. Awami League Bangladesh Pratidin has become ‘business friendly’ to win the election. Garment traders are becoming MPs, ministers, mayors. Owners of black money, looters have now become hartakars in the Awami League. Politicians are hiding their faces in fear. Lest anyone see him. Opportunists, looters know only when they get a nomination. It doesn’t matter if you win the election. Opportunists, flatterers, bigots, brokers have joined the Awami League and are blabbering on. This is like an irresistible intrusion. Those who are at the grassroots also understand that now is the time. If you can’t own some money in this busy season, when will you see the face of happiness? So it has been alleged that the two grassroots leaders have smuggled Tk 2,000 crore abroad. The CID is investigating. Money mines have been ‘discovered’ in the homes of local leaders. The less we talk about the organs and allied organizations of the Awami League, the better. They now do ‘day politics’. On different days, they chanted slogans with flowers at the portrait of Bangabandhu at Dhanmondi No. 32. They get tired of giving flowers at the cemetery in Banani. Most of them are plump. In a little sun their cheeks squeak, as if melting butter. They are available for evening sessions at five-star hotels. Some (such as Papia) make their home in the luxurious suites of five-star hotels. Politics is like a business now. Once you have taken a step. There is no need for people to ask for votes, the ballot box will be filled. There is no need for ideological fight with the opposition, there is no police! Thus the Awami League is now suffering from a political vacuum.
If the Awami League suffers from political anemia, then politics in the BNP has gone into a coma. Of course, it is better to call BNP a family organization and not a political party. The BNP can be said to be the last sign of the kings of ancient times. The party is still keeping the monarchy in check. In this monarchy the queen is now speechless, the prince is missing and the councilors are all thieves. Even the BNP leaders do not know who runs the BNP and how it works. The queen has volunteered herself in the palace. He will not say anything. His silence reminded me of the longing given to Parliament by the late Suranjit Sengupta. Suranjit Sengupta, borrowing a dialogue from the film ‘Pink is now on the train’, said, ‘Something is pink, something is a thing.’ The BNP ran the prince who was far away due to the queen’s arrogance. But the prince’s mind is full of money and entertainment. He took ‘Tola’ from the team. The councilors worked hard to raise money for his rent. Entertainment of the prince cannot be met even by selling nominations and selling committees. For this reason, the councilors are now imposing taxes on the formation of committees of grassroots committees, organs and allied organizations. It was alleged that the councilors were involved in smuggling while collecting rent. Outraged tenants (workers) occasionally besieged leaders, accusing them of keeping some in their pockets without sending all the money to London. He also burns. Although they were obstructed in the anti-government movement, the police chewed nuts from a safe distance in such movements.

BNP leaders have forgotten ‘politics’. The word ‘forgotten’ is probably wrong. Because BNP was born in the womb of power. For the BNP, politics means power. Ministry, otherwise MP or representative of local government. If all this is not done, then at least trade of tender, lobbying, recruitment-transfer trade to make a mountain of money. BNPO is almost dead without power as fish cannot survive without water. The guards or managers of this dying and almost-orphaned team are memorable. That is why they have fallen asleep. As soon as they sleep, they dream of a ministry. From waking up they reminisce about the happiness of the past. As a result, they cannot enter the field of politics. The condition of the party is like that of poor farmer Gani Mia. As a child I used to read the textbook ‘Gani Mia is a farmer. He does not have his own land. The BNP also does not have the capacity for its own movement, so it makes some strides in the movement of others. They peek into the safe road movement. Hefazat slapped loudly in the movement. Just like the moon does not have its own light, the BNP also does not have its own issue.

I think Jatiya Party is like a broken market. After the hat is broken, he picks up whatever he can and leaves. No one notices. The Jatiya Party is in that situation. Jatiya Party leaders, however, are intelligent. They know that the Awami League will need a domestic opposition party to stay in power. So their politics is to be loyal to the Awami League. The Jatiya Party knows that they do not have to die if they have Awami League. Keeping the Jatiya Party alive is one of the essential duties of the government.

The trial of war criminals in Bangladesh created a lot of hope. One of these was the possibility of the development of left democratic progressive politics. But other political parties in Bangladesh are sick, in crisis, but the left democratic political parties are dead. Not only the dead, but the rotten stench of the dead left has people of progress and free thinking sticking handkerchiefs on their faces. The situation of the left leaders is now such that they are left with only a bag to sit on their sidewalk. Whenever they meet someone, they sit down to shake hands. Political organizations are their only means of livelihood. Earlier, when it rained in Moscow, the pro-Moscow leftists used to match the umbrellas. The pro-Chinese people followed what happened in China. Now they are lost. ঈ Do not know yourself. The socio-economic reality of the country has been associated with such a situation. Bribery and corruption are no longer a crime. From a peon to a big boss, most of them go for corruption money and save their salary money. By making corruption a ‘right’, they become preoccupied with the afterlife. They become religious, not religious. They use religion to atone for their sins. They run madrasas, seek lords, finance tablighs. In the cloak of religion, they cover their corruption and mischief. In such a situation when the garden of politics is ruined, the society is polluted then the country becomes a fertile ground for the fanatical fundamentalist group. Paragachha politicians think that if he does religious deeds, his nomination will be confirmed. The vow to become a minister will be fulfilled only if money is given to the madrasa. Only by repenting with a Maulana will all his illegal meanings become valid.

When the criteria for promotion in the administration is not qualification, the bureaucrats come up with various tricks for promotion. Like politicians, bureaucrats use religion to legitimize corruption. It is important to have an account of how many bureaucrats have run madrasas. Thus religion became an influential factor in this state. At one time, not Lalsalu’s Majid, but Babungari, Mamunul and Azhari emerged. They use tender-hearted, orphaned, helpless poor children and teenagers as human armor. Opportunistic politicians, greedy bureaucrats and looters and businessmen organized waz mahfils. They want to alleviate their ‘misdeeds’ by patronizing them.

Thus, in the last one decade, there has been a silent rise of fundamentalist fanatical groups in Bangladesh. Hefazat has emerged. Hefazat’s garbage has grown in the abandoned garden of politics.

March 26 was the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence. Day of our pride. India is our true friend in the liberation struggle of Bangladesh. It is therefore not only logical but also the responsibility of Bangladesh to invite the Prime Minister of India on the golden jubilee of independence. Remember, the Bangladeshi person did not invite Narendra Modi. The ‘Prime Minister’ of India invited the institution. But Hefazat opposed it. However, Hefazat has been growing in the field of politics since 2013. The government, afflicted with the disease of non-politics, also made friends with Hefazat. After seeing the custody bah quite! They want textbook corrections. The government fills the deposit. Just as a child with a chocolate in his mouth promises to get the moon in his hand, so does the list of whims of Hefazat become longer and longer. Non-ideological politicians and incompetent bureaucrats continue to patronize Hefazat. Because they are isolated, they are afraid to see the students of Hefazat’s soft-hearted, thoughtless Qawmi Madrasa together. Government officials held a meeting with Hefazat to decide whether the sculpture of Bangabandhu could be made. He greeted Hifazat so that they would not oppose him when the Prime Minister of India came. Hefazat became a terrible monster in corrupt politics. One of the monsters was seen in Brahmanbaria on March 26 and 27. What did so many leaders and activists of Awami League do in Brahmanbaria? Why was the Awami League police administration bigger than Awami League in Brahmanbaria?

So is the Awami League unable to run on its own organizational strength? Has the Awami League lost its indomitable strength?

The BNP is happy to be in the custody of Hefazat. Their joy is somehow suppressed. The BNP is full of new hope, if Hefazat does something, their good days will come. They also play secret love with Hefazat.

The Jatiya Party does not know anything, does not understand anything. They will do anything without the government’s signal or why? The leftists lost their way when they saw so many people in custody. A talkative leftist, who is a talk show politician, spoke out against the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Bangladesh. The fusion of the extreme right and the extreme left, reminding the nation of ’71. At that time Chinese leftists also became razakars. Now the young leftists are in custody. Unhindered custody in the field of politics has brought out its true form. Unfit flatterers respect Hefazat. These bureaucrats have no objection to listening to Hefazat’s words, wondering what will happen to his chair if something happens. As a result, there is nothing in the custody of the torture! In 2013, they were not tried in the platoon, Baitul Mukarram. They were also acquitted for the March 26-27 violence in Dhaka, Chittagong and Brahmanbaria. Ordinary people cringe in fear. Face

Mushtaq died in prison without trial for writing something on his chest. The cartoonist teenager became a victim of cruelty. But in this country there is no trial for dirty ugly offensive waz. Hefazat leaders brag even after making Brahmanbaria Afghanistan!

Hefazat’s garbage has become rude in Bangladesh now. The dynamic trend of healthy politics can clean up this mess. Otherwise bad times are waiting for us ahead. Politics must be saved first from the fanatical communal forces.

Author: Executive Director, Perspectives.