May 16, 2021


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Floating farm production will increase


The population is growing. Decreasing amount of cultivable land. In this situation, the teachers and students of Sylhet Agricultural University have jointly invented the method of crop production in the method of vertical floating beds. Researchers claim that this method can produce more crops from the same place. The research team of the Agricultural University is- Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology and Chairman of the Department of Agricultural Power and Machinery, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun and Asif Al Razi Nabil and Sadia Ashrafi Fairuz, students of the same department. They also claim to have had success using this newly invented technology. According to the members of the research team, about 3 million hectares of land remain uncultivated in our country during the first half of the year, especially in the rainy season. That is why it is not possible to do any farming on this huge amount of land. The agricultural people of those areas remain unemployed throughout the monsoon season. As a result, there is a crisis of agricultural products including vegetables in the country during the monsoon season. The researchers said that by using the invented technology, farmers will be able to cultivate effortlessly by floating a structure (vertical floating bed) over stagnant water in flooded or waterlogged areas.

In addition, after the flood waters recede, the vertical floating bed can be placed on dry uncultivated land to keep agriculture active. By placing these vertical floating beds on completely unusable waterlogged land and cultivating in a few vertical levels, more production is possible in less space. Which is not possible in conventional farming methods. Made with affordable and readily available material, this structure can be used for a long time. Using the technology, the researchers said, they created a special structure using burlap, bamboo, PVC pipes and water drums. So that three vertical layers of 5 feet length and 2 feet width are kept. The layers are covered with soil 4 inches thick. There is a space of 2 feet between each layer so that the seedlings produced get adequate amount of light and air. The researchers hope that farmers will be able to produce more crops using this technology. Which will play an important role in the food security of the country.