July 25, 2021


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The singer kicked Aamir out of the studio for that behavior!

Another name of Aamir Khan is Mr. Perfectionist. He understands everything from acting to behavior so well that it is not easy to find fault with it. That is why he is a perfectionist.

But did you know that this perfectionist Aamir was once kicked out of the studio by a famous singer!

Aamir made his screen debut as the main character in the movie ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’. Aamir’s performance opposite Juhi Chawla touched the hearts of the audience.
Aamir had a deep relationship with this film. Aamir was the nephew of director Nasir Khan.

He did not just play the role of the hero. He was also working as an assistant to the director.

Juhi was instrumental in everything from auditioning to choosing the cast of the film, to arranging a place for each shoot of the film.

But during the shooting of this film, an incident took place due to which a singer kicked Aamir out of the studio!

Alka Yagnik came to the studio for a song in the film. He started recording the song. Amir was also inside the studio at that time. Amir was looking at her repeatedly.

Alkar did not like the subject at all. This repeated look of Amir was making him uncomfortable. As a result, he kicked Aamir out of the studio.

Alka still did not know the identity of Amir. He did not even know that he was the protagonist and relative of the director.

Aamir also quietly left the studio without any protest. Later, director Nasir came to the studio to watch the recording of the song.

He entered with Amir standing outside and after talking to Alkar, he introduced Amir.

The singer fell into more discomfort. He later apologized to Amir for his behavior. Source: Anandabazar

Once again, movie lovers were fascinated by Kangana Ranaut. The star-studded Tamil legend-actress Jayalalithaa’s biopic ‘Thalaivi’s’ first song ‘Chali Chali’ is being praised by fans.

The audience saw another Kangana in the beauty of this song which is about two minutes long. The lascivious actress has been seen dancing to the tune of this song titled ‘Chali Chali’.

Earlier, Kangana was acclaimed even after the release of the trailer of ‘Thalaivi’. There, the story of Jayalalithaa becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu through various struggles and ups and downs has come to light.

It is to be mentioned that Sain Dhabi Prakash and lyricist Irshad Kamil have given voice in the song. In the song, Kangana has highlighted the look of Jayalalithaa’s various movies. And it is spreading madness in the heart of the viewer.
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