August 6, 2021


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The Home Minister took training to put out the fire with his family members


Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal took training to put out fire with his family at his home in Dhanmondi. The Home Minister took part in the exercise with his family to know the basic steps to be taken in case of fire in the house.

They took part in the fire service exercise at their home in Dhanmondi on Friday morning.

During the two-hour exercise, fire awareness training was given on the practical use of portable fire extinguishers, how to put out fires in case of fire in LP gas cylinders, and various methods of putting out fires by hand.
Home Ministry senior public relations officer Sharif Mahmud Apu said the home minister’s wife Lutful Tahmina Khan, son and son’s wife, daughter and house officials all took part in the exercise.

A 25-member team led by an assistant director of the Dhaka region of the fire service conducted the exercise.

Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal commented that everyone should have basic knowledge of fire service.


Health Minister Zahid Malek said, “If 500 to 1,000 patients are admitted to the hospital every day, even if the entire city of Dhaka is turned into a hospital, there will be no place to keep patients.”

He made the remarks at an exchange meeting with BPMCA member organizations and hospitals on Wednesday evening on the continuous deterioration of the second wave of Kovid-19, the overall situation, hospital facilities and increasing beds. The meeting was organized by Bangladesh Private Medical College Association through online zoom meeting.

Speaking as the chief guest, the minister further said that the rate of infection was only two percent in the last one month. Now it has gone up to about 20 percent. Now more than five thousand people are being infected every day. The death toll is also rising rapidly. If the source of the corona cannot be stopped by identifying the places from which the corona is being formed at the moment, it can quickly get out of control.
He said the country’s health sector has taken steps to increase the number of beds in the next few days. 40 new ICU beds are being set up. The Dhaka North City Corporation Hospital is being co-dedicated. Hundreds of beds are being dedicated in most of the hospitals in the country including Suhrawardy Hospital, Sheikh Hasina Burn Institute, Dhaka Medical College, Sheikh Russell Gastroliver Hospital.

He further said that in order to control Corona, 18 directives of the Prime Minister have to be strictly followed. All tourist centers, hotels, vehicles and other related areas must strictly follow the hygiene rules. Weddings, religious ceremonies, picnics should be stopped. Everyone has to wear a mask. Because, if you can’t control the corona now, it will be very difficult to control the corona very easily in the near future.

BD Daily / Junaid Ahmed