September 23, 2021


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Rabbani’s emotional status affected by Corona

Golam Rabbani, the former general secretary of the Corona-affected Chhatra League, has given an emotional status on his verified Facebook page. In it, he has given various information about his expulsion from Chhatra League with his physical illness and false accusations, various grievances and JU VC.
“I have been experiencing shortness of breath and chest tightness for the last two days with fever, cold, cough and physical weakness,” he said in a status post on his Facebook page on Saturday. I also had to use an oxygen cylinder for some time last night.
If something happens, if you have to leave prematurely … you have to go with this regret, frustration and heartache …
I fell victim to false accusations and extreme injustice from the selfish quarters of the party for which I wanted to do positive work with so much sacrifice, life-youth, career, self-pleasure. There is no minimum opportunity for self-defense, truth-false verification-selection, investigation, which is the right of any human being.

The world’s largest student body and its top leadership have been tarnished by false allegations in a bid to protect a proven corrupt VC. Despite having all the evidence against him, no investigation was carried out, no trial was held! The Ministry of Education, UGC, ACC followed the ‘Zero Action to Corruption’ policy of indulging in corruption knowingly!
If I survive, I will prove myself, InshaAllah, and if I die, I will have the last wish and desire, so that the JU VC, who has slandered us by squandering the money of the country and the people, will not be able to pass, the truth will be exposed before the nation It starts again! UGC and the ACC’s conscience is awakened! Pran’s organization Chhatra League should be free from stigma. ‘
Earlier, on March 31, Golam Rabbani had said on Facebook that he was infected with Corona. After testing the sample at Rajarbagh Police Hospital in the capital, the result came positive.
It may be mentioned that Golam Rabbani was removed from the post of General Secretary of the Central Committee of Bangladesh Chhatra League on October 1, 2019 on the charge of controversial activities.