August 4, 2021


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Hefazat strike, Lankakanda – Whose profit, whose loss?

Which strategy game is this? What happened was that the movement turned violent. Why is the highway painted? Who had fun keeping their feet on the corpse? The biggest question – who is responsible for this? There is one more question- who has benefited from this? What does the calculation say? Hefazat says the armed BCL was with the police. The Awami League says that this is the work of Jamaat and BNP with Hefazat. This is the work of the freedom fighters. The BNP says they have nothing to do with Hefazat. The incident has taken place even though the blame has been laid on each other. So the question is who caused all this. And why did you have to sacrifice so much fresh life? Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Bangladesh and attended the event.
The places he went on his tour. Has all this been stopped by causing so much lankakanda? Then why the bleeding. Hefazat, Awami League, BNP, Jamaat have benefited from this. Can anyone tell? Modi is on a state visit. He came to an event that is associated with the birth of Bangladesh. Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh. As well as the contribution of the creation of this Bangladesh, the architect of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birth centenary celebrations. Both occasions are associated with the birth of an independent state called Bangladesh. Modi has no place here. The place of the Prime Minister of India. The individual Modi did not join here, the state of India gave. People who are questioning Modi, questioning his orthodoxy, questioning his Muslim opposition – they can question. They may dislike Modi personally. It is their personal matter. But they cannot in any way dispute the participation of another head of state or head of government in attending a state function. Have those who went on strike on the occasion of Modi’s arrival thought that they have unknowingly taken a stand against a state? That state has extended its hand in every disaster starting from the independence struggle of Bangladesh.

Let’s talk about that. Lankakand in different districts including Brahmanbaria centered on the arrival of Modi – who caused it. Is it possible to be saved by imposing responsibility on each other? If a third party does this, they must be presented with evidence. Opposition to Modi is one thing and vandalism, arson, indiscriminate killings are another. In this case, how much has the image of Bangladesh in the world increased? How much has Bangladesh achieved? No one has the right to tarnish Bangladesh in this way. Today Brahmanbaria is like a mortuary. He is informing the people about his helplessness about the vandalism and fire wounds. The minister ran away. The Awami League delegation has gone. The police chief has fled. They were shocked to see the destruction of Brahmanbaria. It is unthinkable that any human being can do such a thing. And there is no way to sit. There is no opportunity to give time. Now we have to find out who is behind these incidents. Appropriate punishment must be given. However, care must be taken so that no innocent common man falls into the trap of the law.