September 23, 2021


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About 20,000 accused in 43 cases

As many as 13 new cases of assault, vandalism, clashes and arson have been registered in several districts, including the capital, over protests against the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As many as 43 cases were registered in the three-day conflict till Thursday. BNP and Hefazat-e-Islam leaders and activists and about 20,000 people, including anonymous people, have been accused in these cases. New cases have been registered in Brahmanbaria, Chittagong’s Hathazari, Kishoreganj and Narayanganj.

The most violent incidents took place in Brahmanbaria on March 26 and the next two days. Police said 12 people were killed in the incidents. Violence also broke out in Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chittagong’s Hathazari and Patia, Kishoreganj, Munshiganj and Faridpur. So far 19 cases have been registered in Brahmanbaria in these incidents. Besides, 7 cases have been registered in Narayanganj, 7 in Chittagong’s Hathazari, 4 in Dhaka, 2 in Kishoreganj and 1 each in Munshiganj, Faridpur’s Bhanga and Chittagong’s Patiya.

News sent by Prothom Alo’s own reporters and correspondents in the area:

Police sources in Brahmanbaria say 42 government and non-government facilities have been damaged in the three days of violence in the district. Of these, there are 22 government and semi-government installations including Brahmanbaria railway station and 6 police installations. A cultural center was also attacked in the district. Apart from this, there were attacks on temples, houses and institutions of Awami League leaders and houses of Chhatra League leaders. According to the police, vehicles worth more than Tk 3.21 crore were vandalized and set on fire in the district.

In these cases, the first seven cases were registered in Brahmanbaria. Then there were four more cases from last Tuesday to Wednesday. Later one case was registered in Sarail and eight more in Brahmanbaria Sadar and Akhaura Railway Police Station.

According to police sources, a case has been filed against about two and a half thousand unidentified persons at the Akhaura Railway Police Station in connection with the attack, vandalism and arson at the Brahmanbaria railway station on March 26. On the same day in the afternoon, a case has been filed with the Sadar Police Station accusing 500 unidentified persons of vandalizing and setting fire to a BGB vehicle at Vadughar in the district town. Besides, a case has been filed against about 500 unidentified persons for attacking and setting fire to the district fisheries office. Police have filed a case in connection with the March 26 burning of an armored vehicle (APC). Seven people have been named in the case and about 700 unnamed people have been charged. A case has been filed against about 300 anonymous people by the library for setting fire to the district public library during the Hifazat strike on March 26. Besides, a case has been filed by the police in connection with the March 26 attack on Aruail police camp in Sarail upazila. Mentioning the names of 65 people in this case, anonymous 1 thousand to 1 thousand 200 more people were accused. Till yesterday, 32 people have been arrested in the cases of Brahmanbaria.

Brahmanbaria Additional Superintendent of Police (Crime and Administration) said. Raich Uddin told Prothom Alo that 12 people were killed in the clashes in Brahmanbaria from March 26 to March 28. More than 60 policemen were injured.

Kishoreganj Sadar Model Police Station and related sources said that since the strike called by Hefazat-e-Islam, there have been two cases of violence in Kishoreganj under the Anti-Terrorism Act by the police till yesterday. About five and a half thousand people were accused in these cases.

Two more cases were registered in Narayanganj yesterday. There were eight cases of violence in this district. Although about one and a half thousand people including anonymous people have been accused in these cases, one person has been arrested till yesterday. Police sources said two cases were registered at Siddhirganj police station yesterday by BRTC and private television channel DBC. Hundreds of unidentified persons have been charged in two cases of vandalism and arson of BRTC buses and DBC vehicles. Earlier, Siddhirganj Thana Sramik Dal president Akbar Hossain was arrested at noon yesterday.

Confirming the matter, Siddhirganj Police Station OC Mashiur Rahman told Prothom Alo that Akbar Hossain has been arrested in a case of violence.


Meanwhile, another case has been registered in Chittagong’s Hathazari. There were seven cases of violence here. Hathazari post bungalow vandalism and arson in the Chittagong District Council Chief Assistant. Ejaz filed the case against 200 to 250 unidentified people last Wednesday night. Earlier, six separate cases were filed by the police and the land office on Tuesday night on various charges including assault on Hathazari police station and vandalism at the office of the assistant commissioner (land). About two and a half thousand anonymous people were accused in these cases.

In Faridpur, police and related sources said that a case was filed by the police accusing 300 unidentified people of vandalism and vandalism at Bhanga police station in Faridpur on Saturday night. Police have arrested eight people in the case.

Faridpur Superintendent of Police. Alimuzzaman told Prothom Alo on Wednesday that if the arrested accused were remanded and questioned, it would be known who was behind the attack.