August 6, 2021


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The second wave of corona is more intense

The first wave of corona infection in the country in June-July last year was quite intense. The second wave of Corona started in March this year. This time the infection is more intense than the first wave. More patients are being identified at the beginning of the second wave than at the peak of the first wave.

Every day new records of coronavirus detection are being set in the country. Death is also on the rise. The situation has not been so bad since the outbreak began in March last year. Analyzing the data of the Department of Health, it is seen that the infection was 10 days more from June 25 to July 4 last year. At that time, an average of 3,601 corona were identified daily. On an average, 41 people die daily.

The number of patients identified daily has been increasing in the country since March 10. Analysis of the data shows that 4,408 people have been identified in the daily corona in 10 days from March 23 to yesterday. An average of 39 people died during this time. However, an average of 44 people have died in the last seven days.

The Department of Health said on Thursday that 6,469 people had been identified as corona in the country in 24 hours; Which is the highest identification record in a single day in the country. At this time 59 people died in Corona; Which is the highest in one day in the last 9 months. In contrast to the test in 24 hours, the detection rate is 22.94 percent. The last time the patient was diagnosed was on August 9 last year.


Public health experts say the situation is deteriorating in the second wave of corona infections in the country. Despite the alarming rise in infections, people are still reluctant to follow hygiene rules. The government has given some instructions to prevent the infection, but more stringent instructions were needed according to the situation. Initiatives should be taken to implement the directives by involving the people.

Abu Jamil Faisal, a member of the Public Health Advisory Committee of the Department of Health, told Prothom Alo that many ministries are involved in the instructions given to control the infection. While a ministry is still asleep, someone is still wondering what to do. Each ministry has to prepare its own implementation plan within a day or two. These plans need to be implemented in a coordinated manner.

On March 6 last year, the government announced the first corona in the country. From June to August, the three months of coronary heart disease were severe. Occasionally there was a slight increase in November-December but the rest of the time the infection was downward. The last June-July trend has been seen in the infection situation for several weeks. The infection has been on the rise for five weeks.

Analyzing the data of the Department of Health, it is seen that in January this year, 21,629 people were identified as corona. In February, 11,006 people were identified. Two months later, on March 10, the daily identification was released again. Since then, daily identification has been increasing. Last March, 65,069 people were identified as Corona. That means twice as many patients were identified in the first two months of the year in March.

Infections began to increase from mid-May last year. By the third week of August, the detection rate was over 20 percent. From then on the detection rate started to decrease. From the beginning to the end of February this year, the detection rate fell below 3 percent.

Whether or not a country is in control of the infection is determined by some of the indicators set by the World Health Organization. One of them is the patient identification rate. If the patient identification rate is below 5 percent for more than two consecutive weeks, the situation is considered to be under control.

After more than three months, on March 17, the detection rate dropped again to 10 percent. In the last 24 hours, 26,196 samples have been tested in the country. Considering the sample test, the patient identification rate is 22.94 percent.

Since the onset of the corona epidemic, the World Health Organization has said that the primary condition for controlling corona infections is to identify patients and those who come in contact with them. It can control the infection. Public health experts have been talking about testing at least 20,000 samples daily in the country for a long time. For the first time in the country, on March 16, more than 20,000 corona tests were done in one day. Last March, 7 lakh 26 thousand 549 people were tested. Which is the highest sample test record in a month since the onset of infection.

The number of patients undergoing treatment in the country was declining due to being more healthy than identified for several months. But since March, the number of patients undergoing treatment has also started increasing again. There are 63,721 patients undergoing treatment in the country now. At the beginning of March, there were 39,848 patients under treatment in the country.

According to a press release issued by the Department of Health on Thursday, a total of 6 lakh 17 thousand 84 people have been diagnosed with corona infection in the country so far. So far 9,105 people have died. A total of 5 lakh 44 thousand 938 people have recovered.