July 24, 2021


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6 teams will select Awami League candidates

As the Awami League has been in power for three consecutive terms, the influence of individuals at different levels has increased and their preferred people are getting nominations again and again in the local government elections. This is increasing anger and conflict at the grassroots level of the party. The central direction of the party is also in many cases neglected in order to resolve these grievances and conflicts. Therefore, to avoid controversy in the upcoming Union Parishad (UP) elections, the eight teams of the department have been given the responsibility to check and select the list of candidates. These teams will start work in a few days. This information has been known from multiple high level sources of Awami League.

A central leader of the Awami League, who did not want to be named, said, “Now a custom has been introduced. The MP or the upazila chairman or the president-general secretary of the thana Awami League wants to make his relatives the UP chairman.” The situation of many is such that if they can make the housekeeper the chairman, they are doing so. This is an omen for democracy. However, the Awami League will nominate honest, competent and efficient leaders for the post of UP chairman.

In this regard, Jahangir Kabir Nanak, a member of the Awami League’s Local Government Nomination Board and a member of the party’s presidium, told Pratidin Sangbad that after receiving party nominations, complaints came to the Center about many candidates. Various allegations including corruption are heard against many. Apart from this, it has been decided to give the responsibility to the departmental teams from now on to avoid these debates as to whether there was any rebel candidate or whether he took the side of the rebel candidate in the past and to thoroughly research the candidates.

Mahbub-ul-Alam Hanif, joint general secretary of the Awami League, has admitted receiving allegations of person-centered politics in some places. “We are receiving such allegations,” he told the Daily News. However, its number is not very high. Occasionally, some of our former student leaders have done politics in colleges or universities outside their area, then want to go to their area and elect UP. Now they can no longer be called outsiders. However, in some places person-centered politics prevails. They give priority to ‘Myman’ during the election. However, in case of nomination, we will nominate the party’s eligible candidate. ”

According to party sources, the list will go to the Nomination Board after the verification and selection of the candidates by the concerned departmental team. The symbol of the boat will go to whoever the board deems fit. If no local MP or party leader supports the boat candidate, the departmental team will coordinate there as well. In other words, if a leader puts a person of his choice as a rebel against the party candidate, the departmental team will take organizational measures there. Awami League President-Lee members will be in charge of supervising the team. The decision was taken at an adjourned meeting of the Local Government Nomination Board on March 15 at Ganobhaban. Such issues of the grassroots are discussed with those who want to be the UP chairman candidate.

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