August 6, 2021


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Delicious tea for the disabled

Despite being disabled, the struggle for life does not stop. Although Nayan received disability allowance, he sold tea without relying on it. He started working as a tea seller in 2010.

Nayan is a well-known face as a delicious tea seller. Even though he is speech impaired, his career does not stop. He is the only earner in the world. His absolute joy in the middle of work.

Sajedul Islam Nayan is a congenitally speech impaired. Like everyone else, he can’t express his thoughts like ten people. Even then he does not look down on himself. The eyes of the two siblings are small. Although the eyes cannot speak clearly, they speak in gestures.

Although he is speechless, he has no grief. It is said that everything is the will of Allah. Nayan’s father Lal Mahmud works in agriculture and his mother is a housewife. He has one son and one daughter in the family. Daughter Tanzina Akhter Tunni (6) is in first class in Rashra Government Primary School and son Tayem Ali (3) is 3 years old. At present he has developed himself as a career man as a tea seller.

Nayan is known as a good and delicious tea seller in his area. People come from far and wide to drink his tea. He has a wide reputation in the area. Everyone has very affectionate eyes. He runs a tea shop at Rashra Karim Bazar in Tangail’s Basail Sadar Union.

Shafiqul Islam, a trader at Rashra Karim Bazar, said people come from far and wide to have tea at Nayan’s shop. Everyone appreciates Nayan’s tea. We also caress the eyes. He has taken charge of his family even though he is speech impaired.

Chairman of Kanchanpur Union Parishad Mamun-ur-Rashid Khan said that despite being disabled, he has managed to bear the expenses of the whole family with his work skills – it is a matter of pride for the society. Seeing Nayan will encourage many more people to become self-reliant. If financial assistance is given to those who are physically or speech impaired. Then they can improve with it. Bringing people with physical or speech disabilities into employment and providing them with financial support to run a shop will enable them to support themselves.