September 26, 2021


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Dhaka bus is not able to handle the pressure of passengers

After halving the number of passengers on public transport to prevent coronavirus, the suffering did not decrease even in four days. Even after criticism and anger, no solution has come. The public transports are not able to handle the pressure of the passengers while carrying less than half of the passengers.

People have been seen standing on the streets for a long time today as the private offices are open to go to the office destination on the streets of Dhaka even on Saturday weekends.

On the one hand all kinds of offices are open, on the other hand the seats of vehicles are half. In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, all government and non-government organizations except emergency services are instructed to operate with 50 percent manpower, but practically no one is following it.

Women are suffering more due to the rise of public transport.

Ahmed Ali is waiting for the caravan market to come to Mohammadpur by independent transport at 10 am. He was standing in line behind at least 100 people in the scorching sun.

Ahmed Ali said in the first light, ‘I don’t know how long I have to stand here. The bus is taking a few people. And the bus is coming to the stand for a long time. When will my serial come! When can I get to the office! ‘

Standing in line, Masum Hossain, an employee of a private company, said angrily, “Looks like you don’t do it anywhere else, just do it in the car.”

‘War’ of passengers waiting to board the bus
‘War’ pictures of passengers waiting to get on the bus: Prothom Alo
An independent transport worker stationed there said, ‘I can’t cope with the pressure of the passengers. Passengers have to leave as soon as a car arrives at the stand, thinking of the office. The drivers come and take a little rest, they don’t even have time to eat. ‘ But half the people in the seat are going.

The worker further said, so many people. A car cannot carry more than 20 to 25 passengers.

Many such passengers were seen standing at the Mohammadpur embankment and bus stand. A large part of the buses here leave from Bachila. Basically, there is no more space in the buses before coming to Mohammadpur. Due to this the bus door is closed.

Many were seen knocking on the closed door of one bus after another. But has been seen to fail.

In such a situation, the passengers have also complained of charging more fare on the bus. In this case, they are complaining about the high rent saying that there is no retail money.

In such a situation, the government has also stopped the activities of app-based motorcycle service providers. So it has become a problem for those who are accustomed to riding a motorcycle. Although many motorcycles have been seen standing at important turns. They are running without apps. In this case, passengers are complaining of higher fares.

‘War’ of passengers waiting to board the bus
‘War’ pictures of passengers waiting to get on the bus: Prothom Alo
Iftekhar, a motorcyclist, said, “Our day has become difficult. I have to take to the streets without apps because of stomach worries. The sergeant is scared when he goes out on the road with a motorcycle. If caught, a fine of two thousand rupees has to be paid. I mean, it is not possible to withdraw that money even if you earn all day. ‘

The drivers of CNG-powered autorickshaws are also accused of charging extra fare during this time of suffering. However, there is no instruction from the government to increase their rent.

Harunur Rashid, an autorickshaw driver standing in Shahbag, said, “There is no rate for CNG. That goes for rent. We are not forcing anyone (to go). ‘