August 6, 2021


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John Kerry will visit Dhaka-New Delhi, not going to Islamabad

US President Joe Biden is hosting an international conference on climate crisis on April 22 and 23. He has invited the governments and heads of state of 40 countries, including the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina, to participate in the virtual conference. John Kerry, his special envoy for climate change, is visiting Asia on the occasion of the conference. He will visit Bangladesh, India and the United Arab Emirates to discuss the climate crisis. But he is not going to visit Pakistan.

According to Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper, John Kerry is not visiting Pakistan, one of the countries most affected by climate change. Although governments and heads of state from 40 countries were invited to attend the conference, Pakistan was not invited.

Many have expressed surprise at the exclusion of Pakistan. Michael Kugelman, a South Asia analyst at the Woodrow Wilson Center, said in a tweet that Pakistan was not invited to the conference at first, this time John Kerry is going to India and Bangladesh to discuss the climate crisis, but is not going to Pakistan, Ouch.

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A spokesman for Pakistan’s foreign ministry said the Biden administration was rejecting Pakistan. Countries responsible for 80 percent of the world’s carbon emissions have been invited to attend. In addition, countries have been invited in the category of geographical location and developed, developing and least developed countries.

Former US Secretary of State and current President Joe Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry is coming to Dhaka on April 9. Foreign Minister. AK Abdul Momen has spoken to Kerry twice before, saying “we are the chairman of the Climate Vulnerable Forum, we will talk to him about climate.”