September 26, 2021


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People are saying, Mr. Obaidul Quader or spineless: Quader Mirza

Abdul Quader Mirza, mayor of Basurhat municipality in Noakhali’s Kompaniganj, said, “People are talking on the streets, Mr. Obaidul Quader, or a spineless animal.”

“I want to tell an unpleasant truth today,” he told Quader Mirza on Facebook Live for about an hour. The mischief that is going on in the politics of Bangladesh today, the country is going under the control of non-politicians. For this reason, people are talking in the streets today, Mr. Obaidul Quader or a spineless animal. And the people of Noakhali are saying today that the spineless Khairul Anam Selim (District Awami League President AHM Khairul Anam Chowdhury) is responsible for this misfortune of Noakhali politics and the misdeeds of Ekram Chowdhury. It’s unpleasant, but it’s true, people say. ‘

The day after announcing his resignation from the Awami League, Quader Mirza added on Facebook Live, “Now is a good time for the party. Today the spring cuckoos are coming and going. Those who give up are lost. I promise today, I will take charge as the leader of the team in the same difficult time as I took charge here after seventy-five. You will believe me. I believe, since you love me. Believe me. ‘

The mayor of Basurhat said, ‘The rise of Hefazat is due to the anti-politics of the Awami League. I’ll be clear. I have said it before. ‘

Quader Mirza said to his elder brother Obaidul Quader, “Mr. Obaidul Quader, for whose sake did you take a stand for terrorists and gunmen today?” My staff is groaning in the hospital in Dhaka after being shot. You didn’t go. One of your representatives, not even a leader of the party went. Not as a brother, you did not come as a team member, did not send a representative. Why didn’t you come? I have to answer it one day. ‘

Regarding Obaidul Quader’s wife Ishratunnesa Quader, Quader Mirza said, “The minister’s wife has provided money to the terrorists in his interest, as she is corrupt.” To cover up his corruption. Because, I can’t do anything to the leader, to the countrymen against his corruption. For that he is opposing me, conspiring to kill me. Ekram Chowdhury and Nizam Hazari are conspiring in their interest. ‘