July 25, 2021


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Cocktail attack from election office in Bamna, 7 injured including A-League leader

The election office of Sohel Sikder, an independent chairman candidate contesting the Bamna Sadar Union Parishad elections in Barguna, has been accused of carrying out cocktail attacks on supporters of the Awami League candidate. Eight leaders and activists of Awami League, Chhatra League and Juba League were injured in the incident. The incident took place on Bamna-Patharghata highway in Sonakhali Bazar of the upazila around 1pm on Wednesday.

Police seized a foreign pistol, four cocktails and bomb-making equipment from the building. In addition, 20 people, including two independent chairman candidates, were detained on charges of involvement in the attack.

The injured were identified as Golam Sabbir Talukder, joint general secretary of Upazila Awami League, Jahangir Hossain Mollah, organizing secretary Krishnakant Karmakar, Manik Kumar Pankaj, BCL leader Hridoy Das, district BCL vice president Rajib Hossain Abdullah, Upazila BCL president Morshed Shahriar Goldar and Faisal Sikder.

Witnesses and Awami League leaders and activists said that the BCL leaders and activists went there after receiving news of throwing cocktails in front of Rahim Hawladar’s house in Dakshin Amtali village at 1pm on Wednesday. On his way back from there, 7-8 cocktails were thrown from the second floor of the election office of independent candidate Sohail Sikder in Sonakhali Bazar. The right hand of a BCL leader named Hridoy Das (20) was seriously injured. After that, cocktails were exploded from the building in a few more phases. Eight others were injured