July 31, 2021


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The ruble arrested for killing his wife and child and fleeing

RAB has arrested Rubel, 30, in connection with the murder of his wife and child in the Karail slum area of ​​Banani police station. He was arrested from in front of Kamarpara Raw Material Store of Turag Police Station in the capital on Saturday.

RAB-1 Assistant Superintendent of Police Mushfiqur Rahman confirmed the matter. He said Rubel fled on March 23 after killing his wife Hasi Khatun, 24, and son Nirab, 5, in the Jhilpar area of ​​the capital’s Banani police station. Hasir’s father filed a case with the Banani police station. The RAB launched a shadow investigation to find those involved in the shocking murder.

Mushfiqur Rahman further said that on Saturday, on the basis of secret information, RAB conducted an operation in Kamarpara area of ​​Turag police station. Later, the main accused in the case from the front of the Kamarpara raw material store. Rubel was arrested.

According to the RAB, during the preliminary interrogation, Rubel confessed to being involved in the murder. Rubel is a mason by profession. He married Hasi Khatun seven years ago and started living in Karail area of ​​Banani police station. Nirbai was the only child in their family.

RAB further said that five months ago, Rubel started living with his wife and children at his village home in Comilla. But due to family quarrels, Rubel often tortured Hussey physically and mentally. Unable to bear the torture, Hasi moved to her father’s house in Karail Baubazar area of ​​Banani on March 19 with her child Nirab.

Later, on March 22, Rubel went to his father-in-law’s house in Karail area to take his wife to his house. When Hasi did not want to go with Rubel, a quarrel started between them. As a result, on March 23, Rubel strangled Hussey to death. He also strangled his five-year-old son Nirab. Later, Rubel fled leaving the bodies of his wife and children in the lake area adjacent to Karail Baubazar.