August 6, 2021


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The Prime Minister emphasized on opening up the carbon market

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has stressed on the need to open up the international carbon market to ensure climate justice and find ways to prevent losses due to natural disasters. He emphasized this in an article titled ‘Dhaka-Glasgow CVF-COP 28 Solidarity Strengthening’ published in the famous ‘Diplomat’ magazine. In this article published in the April 2021 issue of the magazine, Sheikh Hasina called upon all to unite to make this war against nature meaningful.

In the article, Sheikh Hasina wrote, “We want to see an open international carbon market to strengthen transitional climate cooperation and find ways to prevent damage and climate injustice.”

As the President of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina mentioned that every member state of the CVF, like Bangladesh, has irreparable damage due to climate change. But these countries have little role to play in global carbon emissions. Now is the time to address this climate injustice.

Calling on all to remain united in the war against nature, Sheikh Hasina said, “If we do not unite in this war against nature, we will lose.” She added, “People are consciously destroying the environment that helps us survive.”
The Prime Minister said, ‘What world are we leaving for the people of Greta Thunberg or the Bangladesh Coastal Youth Action Hub? We can’t let them down about COP26. ”

Sheikh Hasina further said, “We want to see the release of climate funds. The CVP represents more than 100 billion people at risk in the world, ”he said. Their existence is threatened by a slight rise in sea level and frequent cyclones and rapid desertification.

Referring to Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina said, “This country is often referred to as ‘Ground Zero’ in the case of natural disasters. Climate change here is the struggle for the survival of our millions of brave and tolerant people; Whose houses, lands and crops are being destroyed by the destructive wrath of nature. ‘

The Prime Minister writes that 2% of GDP is spent every year due to extreme climate. At the end of the century it will stand at 9 percent. By 2050, more than 16 percent of coastal areas will be submerged. It will displace 30 million people.

Sheikh Hasina said 6 million people have already been displaced due to climate change. In addition, the country is still under pressure to provide shelter to 1.1 million Rohingyas from Myanmar at the cost of the Cox’s Bazar environmental disaster.