September 26, 2021


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Bengal Polls: Threat of rape in turn! The angry Srilekha on Kaushani, the suggestion of being ‘polite’ is silver

State politics heated Saturday morning. A video courtesy of ruling party candidate Kaushani Mukherjee. He called the BJP ‘father’. During the campaign, he threatened the people, “Everyone in the house has a mother and sister, I will consider the vote.” According to Srilekha, Kaushani’s candidature should be confiscated now. Rupa advised the star-candidate to be ‘polite’.

What did Srilekha say? Kaushani’s remarks on the net have been ridiculed as the ruling party’s ‘language of development’. Posting the video once again, she wrote in the caption, ‘I am shocked, shocked by this deadly threat!’ The actress demanded that a complaint should be lodged with the Election Commission against the candidate from Krishnanagar (North). Anandabazar Digital contacted Srilekha. The first words of the very angry actress were, “In Krishnanagar, the late actor-MLA Tapash Pal similarly threatened, ‘I will let the boy in the house.’ The tone of that word is also in Kaushani’s throat. ” At the same time, he said that he was very angry. He claimed that Kaushani was threatening to rape him. Has not yet come to power. This is before him! What to do when? It should be protested regardless of party affiliation.

Kaushani’s remarks have become a new tool in the hands of the BJP. One sneer after another, the net media is full of comments. BJP activist Rupa Bhattacharya also opened her mouth. She directly told the ruling party candidate to become a ‘gentle woman’! Sarb Rupar claims through the net, ‘Kaushani you are basically an actress. So you should have a sophisticated person (even if you can’t become an artist). At least that’s what I claim. ”

He also threw offensive questions, “Does this ugly threat fit you?” If you think that by doing this you will be close to the grassroots activists, then you will know that they also hate your duplicity in their minds. After that, the advice was, ‘Stop being a leader, be a decent woman first!’

Kaushani made a statement through the net as the political community was busy with the video. He did not forget to give his actual statement apologizing. The star-candidate claimed that he had said this while talking about BJP-ruled states. In Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, after 3 pm, mothers and sisters are no longer safe. He wanted to remind everyone. Besides, Bengali is still safe in the shadow of ‘Didi’, he also wanted to convey. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture. His words have been distorted. Although by then the water had rolled far away.