July 31, 2021


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The decision to increase the number of lockdowns, infections and deaths in Bangladesh for a week from Monday


Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in Bangladesh. Neighboring India has decided to impose night curfews and partial lockdowns in some places, but the Bangladesh government has decided to impose a complete lockdown for a week as a precaution. The lockdown is being launched across the country from Monday. However, the Hasina government has decided to keep the factory open as before so that the country’s economy does not come to a standstill.
37 dead, 6,000 injured in Chhattisgarh fort in one week, lockdown announced again
Obaidul Quader, the country’s road transport and bridges minister and general secretary of the ruling Awami League, announced the lockdown at a press conference at his residence in Dhaka on Saturday. He said the government had decided to lock down the country for a week from Monday due to an increase in coronavirus infections. Emergency service providers will remain open during the lockdown. Factories and industrial establishments will also have games, so that the workers can work in different shifts in compliance with the hygiene rules.
Asked about the reasons for keeping the factory running, Quader said, “There has already been a lot of damage due to the outbreak.” Barely everything started to be normal. But now if the factory closes suddenly again, the workers will have to go back home. Therefore, measures are being taken so that they can continue their work in compliance with the hygiene rules. He also said that detailed guidelines will be issued soon.

Every 24 hours, 50 corona patients die in Bangladesh on Friday morning. At the same time, the 7-day moving average has reached its peak. The average of the number of corona attacks on a given day, the number of days before it and the number of days after that is called the ‘moving average’ of that day. At a time when the entire world was plagued by epidemics, on July 5 last year, the maximum 7-day moving average in Bangladesh was 44.8. Although it dropped below 10 in March, it has recently risen again to 47.43. According to official sources, the decision to lock down was taken because of him.

According to figures released by the Bangladesh Ministry of Health on Friday, 9,155 corona patients have died since the outbreak of corona in March last year. According to Johns Hopkins University in the United States, 6,24,594 people in Bangladesh have been infected with covid since March last year.

The situation in neighboring India is also bad. The corona situation in India is gradually getting worse due to the second wave of corona. Just as the daily infection peaked in September last year, so is the situation in India. Concerns are being raised about how to deal with it, the country’s center and various state administrations. For this, night curfew has been imposed in several states of India. Although a complete lockdown has been announced in Bangladesh, it has been informed by the Modi government that it is not thinking of a lockdown now. However, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has said that if the trend continues, a lockdown could be imposed in the state soon.

Even though Corona has increased, the Center is not thinking of lockdown now, hints the Minister
In the last 24 hours, 69,129 people have been newly infected in India. A total of 1 crore 23 lakh 92 thousand 270 people were affected in India. On September 17 last year, there were 96,000 daily infections in the country. From then on it started to decrease. At least at one time the daily infection of the country dropped below 10,000. But a second wave of corona in the last few weeks has brought the infection back to this stage. The second wave of corona has also multiplied India’s daily mortality by several times. According to New Delhi’s health ministry, 814 people have died in the country in the last 24 hours.