April 12, 2021


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Crowds of shoppers in the ‘Lockdown’ news market

The news of the lockdown has increased the crowd of buyers in the market. This afternoon in the capital’s Caravan Bazaar: Jahidul Karim
The ‘lockdown’ will start for a week in the country from next Monday. Panic buying has started in different markets of the capital after the two ministers announced this news. People are flocking to the market to buy daily necessities. Some are returning home to buy extra products at once.

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader announced the first ‘lockdown’ on Saturday morning. Then State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain informed about the decision of ‘lockdown’ around 12:30 pm. The crowd in the market started to increase after two o’clock in the afternoon.

From noon to afternoon on Saturday, one of the three largest markets in the capital Mohammadpur Town Hall, Hatirpul and Karwan Bazaar saw an additional crowd of shoppers. Most of the people were buying the necessities of life – rice, pulses, oil, onions and potatoes.

At around 2.15 pm, private cars were parked in rows on Sher Shah Suri Road and Shahjahan Road on both sides of the Town Hall of Mohammadpur. The traders said that there is usually no such crowd in Bharadupur. After hearing the news of the lockdown, the buyers are coming to the market to buy the necessary items. However, some buyers and sellers say, on the one hand, the first Saturday of the month, on the other hand, fasting from the next week. Many are doing the month and rosary market together. So the buyer is a bit more.


Javed Hossain, one of the buyers, was seen holding a fairly long sheet. The driver of his car had two large shopping bags in his hand. He said in the first light, ‘I did the rosary market yesterday, Friday. After hearing the news of the lockdown, I came to the market again to buy something extra. ‘

Shyamoli resident Masudul Karim said he was returning home. At that time, they were asked to take pulses, onions, potatoes and vegetables from home. He said it was impossible to say how long the lockdown would last. Apart from that, the less you have to come to the market at this time, the better. So I marketed as much as possible.

Saturday is a weekly holiday in government offices in Karwan Bazar. Even then the crowd was more visible than on other holidays. Many people were stopping private cars and shopping. One of them is Jamal Hossain of Mohammadpur. “I have bought extra so that I don’t have to come to the market again and again in this situation of increasing infection,” he said.

The news of the lockdown has increased the crowd of buyers in the market. This afternoon at Karwan Bazar in the capital
The news of the lockdown has increased the crowd of buyers in the market. This afternoon in the capital’s Karwan Bazar: Prothom Alo
It took half an hour to reach Hatirpul raw market by pushing the crowd from Eastern Mallika by motorcycle. Crowds of people can be seen in front of the grocery store in this market at 4.15 pm. The shopkeepers were also busy to give the products as per the demand of the buyers.

The first corona infection was detected in the country on March 8 last year. Then the general holiday started from March 26. Then there was a huge crowd in the market before the general holiday. It also increases the price of daily necessities. This year, the prices of rice, pulses, oil, sugar and other daily necessities have already gone up.

However, Hatirpul Bazar trader Mozammel Haque said there was no shortage of supply of rice, pulses, oil, onions etc. He advised people not to panic.