August 6, 2021


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In March, 352 women and girls were tortured

The Bangladesh Mahila Parishad has expressed concern over the increase in violence against women and children in the country, saying 352 women and girls were raped and tortured in March. The Central Legal Aid of the Bangladesh Mahila Parishad expressed this concern in a press release issued on Saturday (April 3rd).

According to the statistics of torture based on the news published in 13 dailies, in March 2021, a total of 352 women and girls were tortured. Of the 109 victims, 60 were girls.

Of these, 72 girls have been raped, 5 girls have been gang-raped, 1 girl has been killed after being raped and 2 girls have committed suicide due to rape. Attempts have also been made to rape 16 people, including 10 girls. 4 people including 2 girls have been raped. 10 people including 6 children have been sexually abused. Two people have been burnt by acid. 7 people have been burnt and 4 of them have died due to arson. 3 people have been the victims of harassment. A total of 18 people including 10 children were abducted.

Allegation of attempted murder by burning wife and child
Besides, 49 people including 12 children have been killed due to various reasons. And 11 assassination attempts. 20 people have been tortured due to dowry, 9 of them have been killed due to dowry. A total of 33 people, including 6 children, have been physically abused.

The organization also said that 15 people, including 6 children, committed suicide due to various tortures. 43 people including 12 children have died mysteriously. There have been 5 incidents related to child marriage. 6 people including 4 children are victims of cyber crime.

Musician Habib Wahid is not good. He is suffering from a lung infection. The popular star is currently undergoing treatment at Universal Medical College Hospital in the capital.

The managing director of the hospital. Ashish Chakraborty told Ittefaq Online this afternoon that Habib was admitted with a lung infection. Now he is under the care of doctors.