July 25, 2021


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Spice anesthetics, they used to steal without hindrance!

He used to identify houses with gold ornaments or money. Then he would go to the kitchen and mix it with salt or spices. After cooking with these spices mixed with anesthetics, the people of the house used to stay unconscious for a long time. On that occasion, a group of thieves would break into the house and continue stealing without interruption.

Mymensingh District Gondo Police (DB) has found a group of thieves in Ishwarganj of Mymensingh. They are Sabuj Mia alias Ailsha (30), Rafiq Mia (30) and goldsmith Shahin Mia (40). DB police sent them to court showing their arrest. At that time, more than five days remand was requested. Earlier on Friday, police arrested Sabuj and Rafiq. Later, on the basis of their information, Shahin Mia was also arrested along with Tk 25,000 and stolen gold.

DB OC Shah Kamal Akand confirmed the matter. Then, around 12 o’clock at night, he regained consciousness and saw the door open and the lock of the cupboard-drawer broken. Five lakh rupees in cash and three gold ornaments were looted from three rooms.
On the same night, similar thefts took place at the house of Rokon Uddin Bhuiyan of Dakshin Maijhati village and at the house of Nesar Uddin of Naopara village of Magtula union. The next day, the house of Abul Khair, a local bank official and Golam Mohiuddin, a farmer in Bill Kherua village was also robbed in a fancy way. After resigning for two days, the house of Habibur Rahman Babul, a businessman from Maizhati area, and the family of a school teacher named Akram Hossain were also looted on January 14, said OC Shah Kamal Akand.

He added that when a case of theft was registered at Ishwarganj police station on January 18, the DB came to investigate. Salt, turmeric, chilli and coriander powder were left next to each looted house.