April 15, 2021


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Jharna’s parents do not know about her daughter’s marriage with Mamunul

The exact identity of the woman who was with Maulana Mamunul Haque, the joint secretary general of Hifazat-e-Islam, was found at a resort in Sonargaon area of ​​Narayanganj. The woman’s name is Jannat Ara Jharna (28). They are eight brothers and sisters. She is the second of the sisters. Jannat Ara Faridpur Alfadanga Upazila Gopalpur Union Kamargram side Kuldhar village heroic freedom fighter. Aliyar Rahman alias Pagla is the daughter of Oli Mia.

Aliyar Rahman is the president of Awami League, Ward 4 of Gopalpur Union and a former army member. Mamunul Haque said the woman’s name at that time was Amena Tayyaba but her name was Jannat Ara Jharna. However, they got married before Jannat Ara Jharna, they have two children in that house, but everyone knows that the villagers including the upazila do not know any news of the second marriage.

According to Jharna’s parents, her daughter Jannat Ara Jharna got married at the age of 11 to a man named Hafeez Shahidul Islam alias Shahidullah of Sonadanga area of ​​Khulna district. The couple has two sons named Abdur Rahman and Tamim. The two children live in his father’s house in Khulna.

Jannat Ara Jharna’s father Aliar Rahman said, ‘My daughter-in-law Shahidul Islam got divorced about three years ago due to a family quarrel. Since then, two years ago, when we saw the pot and talked about marrying the girl, the girl said I was married. We have not seen any other pot for this. However, the family does not know with whom Jharna got married for the second time.

Jharna’s mother Shirina Begum said, “She showed her husband Mamunul Haque only once through video calling but we did not understand that he was Maulana Mamunul Haque.”

Asked if the family of Jannat Ara Jharna had any contact with Jharna’s first husband Hafeez Shahidul Islam alias Shahidullah, he said, “We have not had any further contact with her after the divorce. Due to this, it was not possible to speak as there was no means of communication with the ex-husband Hafez Shahidullah.

Billal Mollah, UP member of Ward No. 6 of Gopalpur Union and in-charge of Ward No. 4, said Aliyar Rahman was a former army member and a heroic freedom fighter. He is a polite man. There is a lot of talk about coming to the market. But I don’t know much about boys and girls.

Alfadanga Gopalpur Union Awami League President. Monaim Khan and Abdul Majid, a village policeman in Ward 4, told Kaler Kanth that Aliar Rahman, the father of Jannat Ara, was a simple man. He is the president of Ward No. 4 Awami League, a former army member and a heroic freedom fighter. The girl was married before. She has two sons in the house. We do not know about the next marriage.

On Sunday morning, Jannat Ara Jharna’s father’s house was visited by Kuldhar village of Gopalpur Union, OC of Alfadanga Police Station Md. Wahiduzzaman said, I went to visit the village in the morning. It has been confirmed that Jannat Ara’s previous marriage and the residents of this upazila. There are two children in that house. They live with their father in Khulna.