April 15, 2021


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Coronavirus: Anxious people returning home after a week of lockdown

Concerned people are returning home with the announcement of a week-long lockdown from Monday. They are leaving the city and going to the village. Due to this a lot of crowd has been noticed in launches and buses. The bus was carrying one passenger in every two seats, but the launch was overcrowded.

For this reason, health rules including physical distance are not being protected at launch. But the launch fare is being collected at an increased rate. The movement of people inside the city has also increased. However, the district administration is monitoring the health rules everywhere, including the launch bus, officials said.

The government has announced a one-week lockdown from Monday. That is why people in the city are returning to the village. Someone is urgently needed. Due to these reasons, there has been a lot of crowd at the two bus terminals in Barisal and the launches and buses going to different destinations from the river port. From the city’s Nathullabad Central Bus Terminal and Rupatali Bus Terminal, buses to different destinations have one passenger seat in each of the two seats. Masks for bus passengers have been made mandatory. He is also taking bus fare from them at an increased rate. However, ordinary passengers complained that disinfectants were not being sprayed on the bus seats.
Momin Uddin Kalur, president of the Barisal-Patuakhali Mini Bus Owners’ Association, claimed that the bus was overcrowded due to the lockdown. He said they were maintaining health rules, including placing a passenger in two seats. He said all types of buses from Barisal would also be closed on Monday if traffic was stopped across the country due to the lockdown.

Meanwhile, launches leaving Barisal river port for various destinations have been seen to carry more passengers than before. Each launch left Taitumbu with passengers in a huddle. Due to this, the health rules including physical distance were not maintained in any of the launches. Even though it has taken more passengers than before, it is charging higher fares. It has been alleged that the launch crews are harassing the passengers in protest.

However, the officials and employees of the launch are not willing to give any statement in this regard.

Although the launch bus is being closely monitored to prevent overcrowding and to maintain health rules, including physical distance, the district administration’s mobile court executive magistrate said. Ali Shuja. He said legal action was being taken there in case of deviation from the official announcement.
Buyers have stumbled upon the Barisal market ahead of the upcoming Ramadan and lockdown. Buyers flocked to the market shortly after the official announcement on Saturday, fearing a lockdown. More crowds were observed in the grocery market and raw market on Sunday. There is competition in the market as to who will always take the market first. However, no allegation of price increase was received. The traders said that there is sufficient supply of goods in the market. However, the district administration officials urged the city dwellers to refrain from buying extra products without listening to any rumors.

After the holy Shabe-i Barat, the buyers started shopping for Ramadan. However, buyers have stumbled on the market after the government announced the decision of lockdown across the country from Monday. Ramadan is coming, it will be locked down again from Monday. So buyers are skeptical about the situation ahead. So you can buy whatever you can from the grocery and raw market without delay. Many are buying more products than they need. Due to this a lot of crowd has been noticed in the market.

However, Enayet Hossain, the storekeeper of Piazpatti in the city, claimed that there is no shortage of daily commodities in the market. Fariyapatti grocer said that the buyers are doing extra shopping in a hurry. Rubles.
Meanwhile, the district administration has set up several mobile courts to prevent over-shopping and overcrowding in the market. This afternoon, the city’s Bazar Road, Fariyapatti and Piyajapatti mobile court operating district administration executive magistrate. Ali Shuja said the market has been overburdened by the lockdown and extra shopping has been noticed. There is no product crisis in the market. There are enough stockpiles. The district administration is urging buyers not to make extra purchases. At the same time, the mobile court of the district administration is giving necessary directions to protect the health rules including physical distance in the market.