April 14, 2021


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Khulna lockdown announcement market crowd, traffic jam on the road

Khulna has suddenly become busier since the announcement of the lockdown. There is no place to store sesame in the market of daily necessities and in the grocery stores of the neighborhood. Buyers have been flocking to the markets in Khulna’s Bara Bazar, Burmashil Road, Helatla, Clay Road, Dak Bangla and New Market areas since Sunday morning.

Most people are buying extra rice, pulses, oil, onions and potatoes together. Many people have been seen stopping private cars in elite shops to shop.

Many have flocked to the brick cement iron shop to take advantage of the lockdown time. At the same time, the traffic congestion has increased. The traffic police is working hard to manage the traffic jam on the busiest roads in Dakbangla, Ferry Ghat, BK Roy Road, Satarasta, Shantidham junction area.
Mominul Islam, a private employee, said there are usually no buyers in the market in Bharadupur. But the news of the lockdown has created an overflowing crowd in the market. The seller has increased the price arbitrarily due to the demand for the product.
Shimulia Ghat in Munshiganj is under pressure from homebound commuters in the southern part of the country due to the lockdown announced by the government. Homebound passengers from different parts of the country, including the capital Dhaka, have been flocking to Shimulia Ghat since Sunday morning.

However, in addition to the ferries on the Shimulia-Banglabazar route, the launch and speedboat ports of this route have seen a huge crowd of passengers.

Meanwhile, in the wharves and ships, the authorities have not taken any action to ensure the safety of the passengers and the passengers have been indifferent.
According to BIWTC and BIWT sources, there are currently 15 ferries, 6 launches and more than 300 speedboats on the route.

According to the passengers, many of them are returning home with the closure of their workplaces in Lockdown as well as the increase in expenses and security in Dhaka.

In this regard, BIWTC Shimulia Ghat Co-General Manager (Commerce) Shafiqul Islam said, they have been struggling to cope with the overcrowded crowd of passengers in the ghat area since morning. Besides, although various initiatives have been taken to observe the hygiene rules including wearing masks, nothing is working. So to prevent infection, he told everyone to be aware of their position.