April 15, 2021


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Conference on embezzlement of money and false news in Chandnaish

A press conference was held in protest of embezzlement, check theft and false charges against Kanchan Das, a poultry feed trader in Dohazari municipality area of ​​Chandnaish upazila. In the afternoon of April 3, the victim Kanchan Das read out a written statement at a press conference held at a restaurant in Dohazari Municipality. Mostaq Mia of Kaliyash Katgarh had a good relationship with him and promised to buy the land. Moreover, in collusion with his shop manager Nasir, he filed a case in the court with his signed check from the cash and deposited Rs 30 lakh. Moreover some newspapers serve false news. In this regard, Kanchan filed separate cases in the court to recover his check and embezzle Tk 1.35 lakh. He sought legal help in this regard and sought the goodwill of the authorities. Kanchan Das’s niece Palash Biswas and brother Champak Das were present at the press conference.

When contacted, accused Mostaq Mia denied the allegations against him, saying the joint venture had a fish project with Kanchan Das. I have an investment of Tk 28 lakh and Kanchan Das has an investment of Tk 20 lakh. Kanchan is carrying out these activities to get me out of joint ownership without giving me the money invested.

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Two international organizations on Friday condemned the killing of children and the disappearance of detainees in a crackdown on anti-junta protests in Myanmar.

Armed forces have killed at least 43 children in Myanmar since the February 1 military coup, according to human rights group Save the Children. The Southeast Asian nation is in a “nightmare” and the youngest child killed there is just seven years old, the agency said.

A total of 537 people have been killed in anti-military protests in Myanmar, according to the local watchdog group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. Of these, 141 people died in one day last Saturday, they said.

Witnesses said the armed forces carried out random attacks on people on the streets and some people were killed in their own homes.

The family of the seven-year-old girl who was killed said Khin Mio Chit was shot dead by police as he ran towards his father during a raid on their Mandalay town home in late March. May Thu Sumaya, 25, sister of the deceased, said, “Members of the security forces kicked to open the door. After the door opened they asked my dad if there were any other people in the house. After saying ‘no’, they started searching the house, alleging that he was lying. When Khin Mio ran towards his father, they shot him and it hit him. ”

Among the dead was a 14-year-old boy believed to have been shot inside or near his home in Mandalay. Another 13-year-old boy was shot dead while playing on a street in Yangon.

Save the Children also warned that the number of children injured in the clashes was significant. In one incident, a one-year-old child was injured by a rubber bullet in the eye, the group said.

The human rights group has warned that children are suffering from fear, grief and stress due to the violence, which is detrimental to their mental health.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch alleges that the junta government is taking away protesters and that hundreds of them are missing. The junta government is refusing to reveal the whereabouts of the missing people.

Another lawsuit against Suu Kyi: Aung San Suu Kyi has been charged with various offenses, including bribery and corruption. The media is commenting that the case of breaking the law of the colonial period is the most serious allegation brought against this pro-democracy leader. Suu Kyi could face up to 14 years in prison if convicted under the law.

Last week, Suu Kyi’s chief lawyer, Khin Mong Zhao, said a court in Yangon a week ago had sued Suu Kyi, three members of her ousted cabinet and Australian economic adviser Shawn Turnell under the Public Secrecy Act. Two days ago, he said he knew about the new case.

The military junta has previously prosecuted Suu Kyi for a number of minor offenses. There are allegations of illegally importing six walkie-talkies from abroad, keeping them for illegal contact and violating the ban on coronavirus prevention.

On February 1, Suu Kyi’s party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), overthrew the elected government and seized power in Myanmar. Top leaders of Suu Kyi and the NLD were arrested and imprisoned. Sources: AFP, Reuters.