April 17, 2021


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Even if the shopping mall is closed, online shopping will continue

The country is going under strict restrictions for seven days from April 5 to prevent coronavirus infection. The government has decided to close shopping malls and other shops for seven days.

Even if the shopping mall is closed, the shops will be able to buy and sell wholesale and retail products online. In that case everyone has to follow the hygiene rules.

This information has been revealed in the notification of the seven-day ban issued by the cabinet department on Sunday (April 4).

Other shops, including shopping malls, will remain closed, the notification said. However, stores will be able to buy and sell wholesale and retail products online. In that case, the employees must follow the hygiene rules at all times and cannot go to any other city.

It further said that only food can be sold and supplied in food shops and hotels and restaurants. Under no circumstances can you eat in a hotel-restaurant. Besides, raw market and daily necessities can be bought and sold in open space from 8 am to 4 pm in accordance with hygiene rules. Market authorities and local administration will be responsible for monitoring the matter.

However, the Bangladesh Shop Owners Association demanded that the shopping mall be kept open for at least four hours a day. In this regard, the president of the organization. Helal Uddin told the media that traders are waiting all year round to do business on Baishakh and Eid-ul-Fitr. If they can’t sell at this time, they will lose a lot. Closing the store completely would be a suicidal decision.

Zayadi / SI

The government has announced a one-week lockdown in the second phase across the country from Monday (April 5) to prevent coronavirus infection.

The government’s cabinet department has issued a notification in this regard on Sunday (April 4).

In the notification, the lockdown of those going abroad or returning abroad has been kept out. Also law enforcement and emergency services, such as relief distribution, health care, electricity, water, gas or fuel, fire services, port activities (land ports, river ports and seaports), telephone and internet, postal services and other emergency and essential goods and services offices. , Employees and vehicles will be out of the lockdown.

According to the circular, government / semi-government / autonomous offices and courts and private offices will be able to bring in and take only a limited number of manpower to carry out urgent work in the office under their own transport management.

Besides, factories and construction work will continue. Industrial workers have to be brought and taken by their respective organizations under their own transport management. BGMEA and BKMEA will have to arrange field hospital or medical treatment for their workers at a convenient location near the industrial area.

লেবাননের ত্রিপোলি জেলায় বিক্ষোভকারীদের সঙ্গে নিরাপত্তা বাহিনীর সংঘর্ষে সেনা সদস্যসহ অন্তত ২২৬ জন আহত হয়েছেন। গতকাল বুধবার লেবাননে করোনাভাইরাস সংক্রমণ প্রতিরোধে লকডাউন এবং ভাইরাস সংক্রমণ রোধে সরকারের ব্যর্থতার প্রতিবাদে বিক্ষোভের আয়োজন করা হয়।

ত্রিপোলি শহরের সাহত আল নুর মহল্লায় বিক্ষোভকারীরা জড়ো হয়ে সরকারি ভবনে ভাঙচুরের চেষ্টা করে। এ সময় বিক্ষোভকারীদের ছত্রভঙ্গ করতে নিরাপত্তা বাহিনী টিয়ার গ্যাস নিক্ষেপ করে। এর উত্তরে বিক্ষোভকারীরা পাথর, মলোটভ ককটেল ও আতশবাজি নিরাপত্তা বাহিনীর দিকে ছুড়তে থাকে।

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