April 17, 2021


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Poet Omar Farooq’s life on the way to the motherland by ending the life of expatriates

From the beginning of the arrival of expatriate Bangladeshis in Kuwait, all but a few of the veteran literary lovers who have made a special contribution to the practice and establishment of Bengali literature have ended their lives in exile. Someone or the other.

Famous Kuwaiti expatriate poet Omar Farooq is returning to his homeland after ending his expatriate life. To bid farewell to the poet, a joint venture was organized by the Bangladesh Writers Forum, Bangladesh Sahitya Angan and the Expatriate Poetry Council of Kuwait.

The event was presided over by Rafiqul Islam Bhulu, President of Sahitya Angan, organized by Poet Al Amin Chowdhury Swapan and conducted by Syed Mujahid. Distinguished Organizer Shoaib Ahmed was the Chief Guest. Poet Selim Reza, organizer Akhtaruzzaman, Shafiqul Islam, journalist Moin Sumon, AH Jubed, poet Azad Nur, Imran Sikder, MA Mithu and others recited poems on the life and work of the departed poet Omar Farooq.
The farewell ceremony was held on a small scale in Malia, Kuwait City on Friday.
The Golden Jubilee of Independence was celebrated last Friday by the Udichi United States and the Udichi School of Performing Arts. Honorable President of Udichi USA Dr. Mohammad Abdullah presided over the function. Poet Asad Chowdhury, a recipient of Bangla Academy and Ekushey Medal, Belal Beg, Advisor of Udichi and Head of Bangla Department of Udichi School were present from Canada at the event held on Friday. Most of the members of the Udichi United States Executive Committee were also present.

President Dr. Mohammad Abdullah in his introductory speech paid homage to all the martyrs of independence and welcomed all present. On behalf of the new generation, Udita Tanvi in ​​a short speech paid homage to the martyrs of the War of Independence. After this, Pramit Mahan Acharya, a student of Udichi School, recited the poems of village poet Jasim Uddin. The song ‘Bangladesh Bangladesh’ is based on the meaning of George Harrison’s song ‘Bangladesh Bangladesh’. After that Belal Beg, Dr. Nurunnabi and poet Asad Chowdhury spoke one by one.

Pratik Modak, Anupal Chowdhury, Arik Rahman, Trisha Mandal, Smarinika Chakraborty, Aditya Roy, Bandhan Karmakar, Navneeta Chanda, Divya Roy, Dipta Roy, Sangeeta Chakraborty, Jiban Biswas took part in the cultural session.
Udithi United States Deputy General Secretary Mohit Acharya and Vice President Tushar Roy gave brief speeches. At the end of the program, Mukta Dhar and Anamika Majumdar performed music. The concluding remarks were made by Udichi United States General Secretary Jiban Biswas.

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