April 15, 2021


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The newly elected executive council of Jivannagar Press Club was sworn in

Members of the newly elected executive council of Jivannagar Press Club in Chuadanga have been sworn in. The event was held at 12 noon on Sunday at the Upazila Parishad auditorium.

Upazila Executive Officer SS Munim Lincoln administered the oath of office under the chairmanship of Press Club President SM Kamal Uddin Joyad. Upazila Chairman Haji Hafizur Rahman Hafiz was the chief guest. Special guests were Municipal Mayor Rafiqul Islam, Vice Chairman Abdus Salam Isha, Women Vice Chairman Ayesha Sultana Lucky, Officer-in-Charge of Jivannagar Police Station Saiful Islam, Abu Saeed Mohammad Saad.

President MR Babu, Secretary Kazi Samsur Rahman Chanchal, Vice President Narayan Bhowmik, Co-General Secretary Raihan Uddin, Finance Secretary Mamun-ur-Rahman, Publicity and Publication Secretary Nur Alam, Office Secretary Humayun Kabir, Sheikh Shahidul Islam, Executive Members Kamal Uddin Joyad, Salah Uddin Kajal, Atiyar Rahman took oath.

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The heat has started several days ago in the heat of Chaitra. It has become difficult to survive in the sun when you go out. But I have to go out if necessary. It can be seen that after returning home, the skin has become suntan. Again the skin is having trouble getting back to the previous color. However, it is possible to get the same skin as before if some domestic methods are followed.

Tomato: It contains a lot of vitamin C. So tomatoes can prevent skin cell damage. Moreover, the lysopine in it protects the skin from the sun in a natural way. If you put the tomato in a sun-burned place and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, you will get good results. Very quickly new cells will grow on the skin.

Yogurt-Honey: Honey helps prevent bacterial infections. And milk is used to remove dead cells and grow new ones. A mixture of these two can easily heal sunburned skin. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of yoghurt and apply it on sunburned skin. After keeping it for 15 minutes, wash it with cold water.

Aloe vera: Many times the aloe vera juice. One of them is to quickly get the sunburned skin back to its previous state. Aloe vera juice or gel should be applied on sunburned skin at night. After keeping it in that condition all night, you have to wash your face with cold water in the morning. Only then will the sun-burned skin regain its old shine.

Source: Anandabazar

Take a little rice powder. Make a paste by mixing rice powder with cold milk. Now apply that paste on the face, neck and hands. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off in cold water. Do it regularly for a week to get good results. You can wash your face with rice soaked water without washing your face with water.

2. Dark Circles: Dark circles can be treated very well with rice powder. For this, make a paste with rice powder, banana and castor oil. Now apply this eye mask around the eyes. With regular use, dark circles will be lightened and wrinkles will be removed at the same time.

3. Works as an exfoliator: Rice powder is crunchy so it works as a good exfoliator. Dead skin cells come up very easily. Rice powder also absorbs excess oil from the skin. As a result, the skin looks clean and radiant.

Mix rice powder, chocolate powder, sugar and honey well together. This paste can be applied on the face or all over the body. Rub lightly and wash in cold water. Remember, however, not to rub it too hard at all while using it.

4. Skin Whitening: Rice contains many minerals, vitamins and acids. Which helps to whiten the skin. Also brightens the skin. For this, mix rice powder, honey and sour curd and apply it on the face and neck. When it is completely dry, wash it in cold water. The skin will be fair and the skin will be soft with it.

5. Pimples: Removes wrinkles and age spots: Rice powder removes wrinkles and pimples very easily.

For this, make a paste with one teaspoon of rice powder, cucumber juice and lemon juice. Apply this paste on the face. When dry, wash with water. You can also use this face pack from the sun.

. Makes hair soft and straight: Rice contains starch which helps to straighten hair. For this, make a paste by mixing rice powder and multani soil and apply it on the hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off with cold water. Applying this hair pack regularly will straighten the hair.