April 17, 2021


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Bank transactions in lockdown will last for two and a half hours

The government has imposed strict restrictions for seven days from April 5 (Monday) to prevent coronavirus infection. It called for the introduction of a limited range of banking systems. Bangladesh Bank has issued a circular on Sunday (April 4).

In a circular, Bangladesh Bank said that the schedule for daily banking transactions has been fixed from 10 am to 12 noon from April 5 to April 11, excluding weekly and public holidays. However, the concerned bank branch and the concerned department of the head office will be able to keep it open till 2 pm if necessary to carry out ancillary activities after the transaction.

Bangladesh Bank further said that the Bank will take into consideration the availability of manpower in order to continue or provide uninterrupted banking services to the Bank’s head offices and branches. In this case, the presence of officers and employees living near the branch can be considered on priority basis.

Bangladesh Bank further said that in addition to continuing banking services in the public interest, it is also necessary to ensure proper attendance of officers and employees and proper observance of hygiene rules in the office work environment.

In the notification, Bangladesh Bank further said that as customers, all types of deposits and withdrawals, issue demand drafts or pay-order issues and deposits, acceptance of treasury invoices, distribution of allowances and grants under various social activities of the government, payment of foreign remittances, internal and inter-branch money Transfer, LRB bonds and payment of cash and coupons on maturity of various types of National Savings Certificates, utilization where applicable, such as receipt of gas, water, electricity, telephone bills and other transactions under various payment systems or clearing system introduced by Bangladesh Bank. .

Banks with online facilities for cash withdrawal ensure overall customer transaction facilities. Banks operating within the two kilometers of City Corporation and District Headquarters have multiple branches within two kilometers. Activities can be managed.

It further said that in order to carry out important and urgent foreign transactions, the foreign trade (authorized dealer) branch and transactions should be continued.

Banks should strive to keep their branch booths open at all times in the sea and land and port areas (Port of Customs area). In addition, the banks concerned will make their own decisions regarding the agent banking transaction schedule and activities. In order to facilitate transactions through ATMs and cards, it is necessary to provide adequate banknotes at ATM booths and, if applicable, to keep the internet banking facility open at all times. The bank’s evening and weekly holiday banking activities will be closed till further notice.

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Bangladesh’s target was set at 146 runs. BCB and NZC also announced this on social media. Batting in the name of Bangladesh. That’s when the real drama begins.

The match referee stopped the batting of Liton-Naeem and sat down to calculate the Darkworth-Lewis method! At the end of that calculation, it is known that Bangladesh will have to score 160 runs in 16 overs! Such incidents caused a storm of criticism on social sites. Jimmy Neesham himself tweeted, ‘Before chasing a run, a team didn’t know how many runs they were chasing! How is this possible? All crazy! ‘

Johns also writes, ‘The game has stopped because they don’t know how much their target is!’ Jahnbi wrote, ‘It’s ridiculous! Whenever this method (DL) is applied I have no idea what to comment! ‘ Yasir Lodi Pathan writes, ‘This Duckworth-Lewis method is a huge surprise! First he said Bangladesh has to do 148, then he said 180! ‘ Social media is full of such tweets.