May 19, 2021


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Country in lockdown again

In the second wave of Coronoviras, due to the horrific increase in infection, after 373 days, a week’s lockdown has been announced from tomorrow in the whole country. However, the emergency providers will be free from lockdown. Healthcare organizations, including goods transport, as well as open newspaper related transport. Outside of this, the industry will be open. Workers will work according to the shift in compliance with hygiene. Everyone has been strictly guided to admit hygiene. Considering the situation, the lockdown may increase further.

During Lockdown, the bus, train, launch will be closed with internal aircraft operations. However, the international flight of the aircraft is going on. Meanwhile, after the announcement of Lockdown, the capital Dhaka started to be empty. People from different parts of the country began to leave Dhaka since yesterday. The bus, train, launch terminal area was from yesterday in the afternoon.

Cabinet meeting secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam has been virtual meetings on the preparation of Lockdown. The Prime Minister of the Prime Minister said. Ahmad Kayakus, Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, Senior Secretary and Secretary of different ministries, IGP, FBCCI, BGMEA, the leaders of all business organizations including BKMES. Several recommendations are recommended for a long time. The recommendations taken in the meeting were sent to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at night. If he approves, the notification of the lockdown will be issued any time.
According to the meeting, there will be no bus, train or launch, train or launch, without traveling vehicles, trains, raw materials of goods, trains, industrial raw materials across the country during the lockdown according to the decision. Foods can not be served at the hotel. But the parcel can be sent to the houses. Open open market The work of Mega project will follow the hygiene. Garment industrial factories will continue. According to the guidance of the Prime Minister, all measures are being taken to prevent the transmission of life-livelihood.

Meanwhile, the government has decided to stop shopping malls, markets, shops in the lockdown. But the Bangladesh Shop Owners Association has demanded to open four hours a day.

In response to the reassurance of Coronoviras in the country, on March 29, all the offices and factories without emergency service institutions were issued with manpower of all the offices and factories, limited in the public transport, including 18-point instructions, including 18-point instructions, including passenger transport capacity of the public transport.

The health minister Zahid Malik told the media that if the lockdown may be – the minister told the media that people have been vacancing, walk around. That’s why lockdown has been given. Everyone must stay in the house. When the transmission situation was very bad, the idea of ​​lockdown was already in the government, he said that the first 18-point proposal was made in many cases, many of the suggestions were made. The government has not implemented all the proposals at the beginning. Now slowly getting rigidly.

Director General Professor Dr. Abul Baser Mohammad Khurshid Alam said that the full lockdown wanted the health department. Was told at least two weeks. It was said to be kept off without all the services. The instructions were proposed in the direction of 8 o’clock in the morning from 8 o’clock in the morning.

For now seven days, consideration: Although the seven-day lockdown is given to prevent the infection of the Coronaviras, it will be considered in the end of Lockdown and consult with experts next. State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain told the media yesterday. Asked why the lockdown for a week, the State Minister for Public Administration said, “For now seven days of lockdown. Hopefully, if you can keep people in the house seven days, you can prevent infection. Otherwise, the infection will spread further. There are many things in humans, they will consider the end of Lockdown for seven days, seek experts. Before that there will be seven days. ‘Earlier, in the video message sent to the media from the house of Bailey Road in the capital, the institutions that provide emergency services in Lockdown will be open. The industries will also be open. Workers will work according to the shift (run) in compliance with hygiene.

Awami League General Secretary Road Transport and Kingdom Minister Obaidul Quader said in a press conference in his government residence in Dhaka yesterday morning that the government has decided to lockdown for a week from Monday for a week from Monday due to the increase in the infection of the Coronaviras. The minister Obaidul Quader said that due to rapid growth of the Coronaviras, the government is going to decide a week of lockdown in the country within two or three days in the interest of preventing infection. In that case, the institution that only provides emergency services will be open during the lockdown. And the artwork will be open so that the workers can work in various shifts in compliance with hygiene.

Internal flight will be closed: Airlines on the internal route of the country will be closed on Monday. Air Vice Marshal M Mofidur Rahman, Chairman of Civil Aviation Authority, told every day that the air traffic on the internal route of the country will be closed from tomorrow due to lockdown. However, air traffic will continue on international routes. The decision was taken at a meeting of the inter-mint.

The transaction will run in the stock market, the decision of the bank today: The transaction in the stock market will continue in Lockdown. The bank’s transaction will also be some of the nations

Accept the Method of Method. However, the Bangladesh Bank has been informed that today’s instructions will be given about what the controlled system will be. Although Lockdown announced for the epidemic, there will be no problem in the transaction of the investors in the stock market.

BSEC Executive Director Rezaul Karim said that the capital market will remain open if Bangladesh’s activities are operational. And now the investors will not have any problems, since all automatic. Investors can deal with mobile apps or on the phone. The brokerage houses will be open in compliance with the rules. According to the Bangladesh Bank, it has been said that there is no alternative to keeping bank transactions to keep the financial sector normal. Last year, however the transaction activity has been kept in the lockdown, it will be kept. Bangladesh Bank Executive Director Sirajul Islam said that there was no decision or instruction because the bank was closed on Saturday. Today, instructions will be issued about bank transactions.

People are leaving Dhaka: Many people have started leaving the capital with the announcement of lockdown from tomorrow. Immediately after getting the news, they live in the bus, railway station and launch terminal. Meanwhile, many passengers were suffering from getting the seats in the bus due to half passenger in public transport.

Babu Ahmed, a counters manager of the SP Golden Line transport of SP Golden Line in the capital, said, “After the passengers, the phone started from the phone after noon. Now everyone who is calling is to say that there is no longer a ticket remaining. Because all tickets have been sold till Sunday night. This condition has been created since the declaration of lockdown. It seems that the phone does not come to sell tickets even during Eid. ‘

Rafiqul Islam, the Royal Bus Counter, Rafiqul Islam said, “Tomorrow is the end of all tickets till the night. Since the announcement of lockdown, everyone has come to the counter and buy tickets. There was so much pressure on the phone that we stopped the phone. ‘

Meanwhile, searching for Sadarghat Launch Terminal, it is learned that the crowd of people increased to go to different locations including Barisal, Bhola, Barguna, Patuakhali, Chandpur, along with the news of Lockdown. Because of this, 50 percent of the passengers in the seat and the seat were empty, but many launch could not do it. However, excess 60 percent rent is right. The rent of Barisal-going launch from Dhaka has been determined by 400 taka. But the cabin rent is as before. Railway Minister said that all passenger train movement will be stopped without emergency trains in Lockdown. Nurul Islam Sujon Immediately after the announcement, the passengers increased the crowd in the railway station.

Lockdown that starts in Bangladesh: The government has announced the first time ‘General Holiday’ for the first time in the control of infections last year. In the beginning, from 26 March to 4 April, ‘holiday’ declares ‘leave’ then its tenure increases several rounds. At that time all the office-courts, factories, educational institutions were banned in all types of vehicles across the country. The situation in the holiday is known as ‘Lockdown’.

But in the Life-Livelihood and Livelihood of Life-Livelihood and the country’s production system, the government continued to relax the restrictions in step-by-step after 31st. At the end of the year, all the strings except the school and college closed. With the control of the expansion of the virus, it was planned to impose restrictions of lockdown according to the situation in red, yellow and green zones in the red, yellow and green zones. There was also an experimentally arranged in some areas. But later, he did not go.

Khulna closed from 7pm to 7pm to stop the market-store after 7pm in Khulna city to prevent the infection. At the same time, tourism, entertainment center has been given five-point pledges. Yesterday, the Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Helal Hossain issued a public communism. Earlier, these decisions were held at the meeting of the overall management committee, including District Coronavirus infection and resistance. This order will be effective until 5 April (Monday) without further communication. The order is appropriate against the disobedience of the order? The action will be taken.