April 14, 2021


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International military training inaugurated the army chief


Today’s opening ceremony was held on Sunday (04-4-2021) International Military Training ‘in Bangabandhu Cantonment of Tangail. Military training inaugurated the army chief General Aziz Ahmed, SBP (Bar), BSP, BGBM, PBGM, BGBMS, PSC, G. This training was organized to uphold the relentless efforts of the nation’s father in establishing peace on the occasion of Father of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birth anniversary and the golden jubilee celebration of independence.

At that time, the army’s quarter Master General Lieutenant General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed, GOC Lieutenant General of the Army Training and Doctrin Command, 19 Padatantic Division and Area Commander Ghatail Area of ​​Major General Syed Tarique Hossain, including Major General Syed Tarique Hossain, were present .

In this multinational military practice, the representatives of 11 countries are joining. 30 people from Bangladesh, 30 from India, 30 people from Sri Lanka and 30 participants in the United States, France, Nepal, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, including participating in direct training of 123 soldiers, including 33 in Bhutan, Doing.

The main purpose of this training is to increase the capacity of the countries of the United Nations peacekeeping missions to maintain world peace. Participating countries in this training will try to achieve the goal of training through creating a collaborative work environment through exchange of mutual knowledge and technical information.

Talks and different types of competition will be organized in important issues related to military operation in training. The latest weapons and military gadgets used by the Bangladesh Army in the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the training will be presented in front of everyone in front of the army. Also, various activities of women members of the Bangladesh Army will be highlighted in UN peacekeeping missions.

A press release ISPR said this training was being held under the overall supervision of the Bangladesh Army. This practice can be expected to increase the reputation of Bangladesh in the outside world. That military training will run in Bangabandhu Cantonment until April 2021.