April 15, 2021


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Petalen madrassa teacher in this way! Forgiveness

A Qaumi Madrasa was accused of beat a student in Sharankola in Bagerhat. Md. The student named Tamim (14) was admitted to the hospital. The teacher of Mufti Abu Dawood Gab beat him with a criminal crime with classmates. This incident happened on Sunday morning at Nalbunia Haji Madrasa of Nalbunia Haji Madrasa of Khinteraka Union of the upazila.

The son of Shamim Howlader of Shamim Hawladar, the construction worker of Nalbunia village of the injured. Tamim’s father filed a complaint with Sharankhola Police Station.

When Sharankhola went to the hospital at noon, the teenager Tamim, who was treated, showed numerous injuries in different parts of the body. Each hit blood clotted. The fingers of his left hand have been damaged by sticks.

Tamim said that after the classmate Rabbi, he said to David lord. Then he brought a gab stick and started beat him. The stick broke the stick in beaten. If you want to apologize for a few times, then the lord got the mind of the lord. Again, kicked the boy.

Asked about the accused teacher Mufti Abu David, he said that the hand of the boy was broken by Rabbi. Tamim beat him as a disabled. I feel very bad after complaining. Then I gave a few beaten to my head. I repent for this incident.

Madrasa Mahramim (Super) Hafez Md. Al-Amin said, I am physically sick. Was staying at home. After hearing the incident in the morning, I got to know that two students (Tamim-Rabbi) fights. In this, David had exaggerated Tamim to rule a little bit exaggerated. In this way, I rebuked the lord. We also apologized to Tamim’s guardians.

The injured teenager’s father said. Shamim Howlader said that the students are a little naughty in my son, my son in a domestically beaten David Lord. I want its fair trial.

Shararakhola Upazila Health Complex doctor. Ariful Islam Rakib said that the symbol was seen in 13 injuries in the body of the boy. The injuries have become redeemed. However, it can be known after X-rays whether it is broken the finger of the left hand.

Shararakhola Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) said. Saidur Rahman said that a madrasa student named Tamim has been accused of beating. Legal action will be taken to investigate the matter.