April 15, 2021


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The godown of Jhut has been burnt in a terrible fire in Ashulia

A false godown has been burnt in a terrible fire at Ashulia in Savar. The fire broke out at Akbar Hossain Mridha Jhut’s godown in Beran area of ​​Yarpur Union in Ashulia on Sunday night.

According to eyewitnesses, a terrible fire broke out in the godown of Jhut at night. At that time the whole false godown was burnt in the fire. After receiving the news, two units of DEPZ Fire Service of Ashulia went to the spot and brought the fire under control after an hour’s effort. Fire service personnel said they were investigating how the fire broke out in Jhut’s godown.

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The directive issued by the Prime Minister’s Office on Monday states, “All types of public gatherings (social / political / religious / other) should be restricted.” All types of public gatherings are prohibited in highly infected areas. Public gatherings on the occasion of any social event including marriage / birthday should be discouraged; Proper hygiene must be ensured in all religious places of worship, including mosques; Tourism / recreation centers, cinema halls / theaters should be restricted to public gatherings and all kinds of fairs should be discouraged; Public transport must comply with hygiene rules and cannot carry more than 50 percent of its capacity; Inter-district traffic should be restricted to high-risk areas of infection, and closed if necessary; Passengers arriving from abroad must ensure institutional (at the hotel’s own expense) quarantine for up to 14 days; Arrangements have to be made for sale and purchase of daily necessities in open / open space in compliance with hygiene rules; Pharmacies must ensure proper hygiene; Healthcare institutions need to ensure proper hygiene, including the wearing of masks; In shopping malls, both buyers and sellers need to ensure proper hygiene; All educational institutions (pre-primary, primary, madrasa, secondary, higher education, university) and coaching centers will be closed; Unnecessary roaming / chat should be stopped.

Going out after 10pm without emergency needs to be controlled; If necessary, if you go out, you have to ensure the observance of all kinds of hygiene including wearing a mask. Legal action should be taken if the mask is not worn or hygiene is violated; Isolation of corona / coronary symptoms should be ensured. Others who come into close contact with a person infected with corona must also ensure quarantine; All government and non-government offices / institutions except those engaged in emergency services should be run by 50 per cent manpower. Pregnant / Sick / Age 55-year-old officer / employee should stay at home and take action; Meetings, seminars, trainings, workshops should be arranged online as much as possible; Proper hygiene must be ensured for any type of public examination that is required to be physically present; Hotels and restaurants must be closed to more than 50 percent of the capacity; At the time of entry and stay in the workplace, it is mandatory to wear a mask and ensure compliance with other hygiene rules.

Additional Director General of the Department of Health (Planning) Professor. “Either way we want to move towards infection prevention,” Mirzadi Sebrina Flora told Kaler Kanth. Otherwise we may see bigger dangers ahead. For this, we are trying our best to implement the instructions given by the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s Office as per our position. However, in most cases, it is important to play the role of other departments. This is because the field level role of other departments is most important in prevention. We are working to make people aware of where the Ku-stage infection is, quarantine, isolation, immunization, medical measures as much as possible. But if the infection cannot be prevented socially, then vaccination and treatment alone will not protect people. ‘

The official said, “We will identify the risky areas and inform the administration in all the districts and areas.” Apart from this, I am working hard on examinations, hospital management and vaccination. ‘

He said that the first dose of the vaccine will continue as it is from April 5-6, the second dose will start from April 6. Considering the importance of confirming the second dose, the first dose may be stopped for a few days from the start of the second dose. The first dose will start again next time along with the second dose.