April 15, 2021


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Restrictions need to be enforced without force

Bangladesh Police Inspector General (IGP) said. Benazir Ahmed instructed that in order to stop the second wave of corona, the people should be motivated, not forced, to enforce the seven-day strict ban.


He gave the instructions in a video conference with senior police officials on Sunday (April 4th) to implement strict government directives. The IGP said that like last year, the market should be set up in open space. The shops that will be open need to ensure full hygiene.


Regarding the quarantine of returnees, he said, if anyone comes from abroad, they have to ensure quarantine for 14 days. If necessary, their location should be identified.


Emergency services, factories and garments will remain open, he said. Public transport will be closed. The movement of vehicles carrying goods should be kept normal.


Instructing the police officers and the force to perform their duties in accordance with proper hygiene rules, the IGP said that they have to perform their duties in compliance with the health rules. Protective equipment such as PPE, face shield, mask, etc. must be worn properly if corona-infected patients and the deceased need to be in contact.


The IGP directed to strictly implement the ‘No Mask No Entry’ policy in all police installations. He also instructed the police officers to disinfect all the police installations regularly.


The IGP said that after the coronavirus was detected in the country in March last year, the police have turned into a humanitarian police by playing a historic role on the side of the people to prevent it. The IGP hoped that everyone, including the police, would work together to curb the spread of corona infection by implementing government orders to combat the second wave of corona infection.


The government has imposed strict restrictions for seven days to prevent the second wave of coronavirus. This restriction has to be complied with from 5th April to 11th April. A notification in this regard has been issued by the Cabinet Division on Sunday (April 4).


Zayadi / SI

Farmers of Niamatpur, known as the granary of Naogaon, have taken to the field with the target of cultivating boro on 21,965 hectares of land. Despite the thick fog and severe winter, the farmers have worked in the fields. Now it is as if the whole field is not a land but a bed of green sheets. But farmers fear that the third wave of coronavirus could lead to an acute shortage of rice workers. As a result, all the farmers of Niamatpur upazila of Naogaon have become anxious and lost their way in advance.

According to the Niamatpur Upazila Agriculture Office, boro paddy has been planted in 22,000 hectares of land in the upazila during the current Eri-Boro season. Paddy has been quite good from the beginning due to favorable weather. I hope the yield of paddy will be much better this time as there is no disease compared to other years.

Farmers of the upazila say that they have got good yield of newly planted Ropa Aman. Farmers did not have to face losses due to good prices. Due to this, the interest of farmers in boro cultivation has increased. Farmers are now cultivating boro on more land with full hope. BMDA’s deep tube wells are now fully operational. Farmers have also cultivated boro through irrigation by installing shallow engines in many fields. Now the farmers are busy applying pesticides on the land.