April 15, 2021


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‘Woke happy’ in the project

Narayanganj’s Lolalband was created in Narayanganj’s Ladladbanda, ‘Kadhussimoto’ project in the government’s money. There was a coordinated infrastructure to improve the glorious festival of the governor of the Brahmaputra Nad’s plunder. But the government’s three organizations have taken three different projects like themselves. The expenditure has been organized for almost a half billion taka.

Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) took a project of Tk 121 crore to build some infrastructure like Ghat, Chamuni, Parking. The Ministry of Road Transport and Bridge has taken another project in the ministry of road transport and bridges to expand the road. And the Department of Public Works wants to spend Tk 1,100 crore, under which there is a lot of infrastructure including hotel, theme park, amphitheater.

LGED has already spent 58 crore taka. Although the Prime Minister’s office was dropped in the middle of their work. According to the new decision, a complete design of integrated infrastructure development will be made in the Humananan festival area before all. The construction of the constructions which started will be closed.

Three organizations have organized a year and a half billion rupees for the development of the infrastructure of Brahmaputra.
In all, the result of this is that six years after the guidance of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did not get any infrastructure facilities in Lolalband. When can be found, it is also uncertain.

On March 27, 2015, after the death of 11 pilgrimage, the Prime Minister gave the instructions for development of infrastructure in Langlband. Traditional Hinduismurmen visit this plunder every year. There were more than 10 million men and women abroad.

The concerned people say that firms have taken the project in their own interests. And instead of development of general infrastructure, they organized a lot of rupees to share luxers. The Prime Minister’s Office has also questioned this. A meeting of the inter-ministerial committee formed for coordinating the development project in Langalband was held on December 7. According to the proceedings of the meeting, the Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office Sajjadul Hasan said that the Prime Minister ordered only to build essential infrastructure. Ambitious material such as hotel, resthouse, amphitheater should be excluded from the project. The flow of the river has been interrupted due to the construction of the infrastructure.


The initiative is six years ago
After the guidance of the Prime Minister, a meeting was held in the Prime Minister’s Office on 1 June 2015 for the development of infrastructure in Langlband. According to the document, the meeting decided that in collaboration with the architectural department, the Department of Public Works will send the descendants of the Holy Plant in a month and send it to the local government department. LGED will work for building infrastructure. Roads and Highways Department will widen the local road. And the internal shipping authorities (BIWTA) will maintain navigability by digging the 11-kilometers of worship.

Although that design was no longer. In this, LGED took a project of about Tk 121 crore to make infrastructure like themselves. In January 2017, the project received approval (ECNEC) in the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council. Till 2022 to June 2022.

Road Transport and Bridge Ministry took another project to broaden four kilometers of road from Lolalband in Narayanganj to Minarbari. At the beginning, its expenditure was estimated at 121 crore 57 lakhs. The validity was from February 2018 to June 2018. But the expiration of the project was extended till June 2019 without the increase of expenditure. But it did not work in it. In July 2020, the project was set up to December 2021 by increasing Tk 139 crore. The expenditure increases for land acquisition. But the job acquisition of the project has not yet started.

Meanwhile, the Public Works Department created a project proposal for the development of Langalband area. They proposed to spend Tk 1,100 crore in 2020, they sent the project to the Public Works Ministry. Muhammad Zakir Hossain was an executive engineer of Public Works in Narayanganj during the project proposal. Currently he is working as a caretaker engineer of Dinajpur Public Works Circle. Asked, he said in the first light that the development of development through the integrated plan. LGED rushed to their project in small scale.

It is a prominent example of coordination between government agencies. Each organization’s idea is to pass a big project in some way, if they can pass a big project.
Adil Muhammad Khan, General Secretary, BIP
New design
According to the sources, contacting the Planning Commission on the Public Works Project, it is said from there that the same project is ongoing with Langalband. So three sides should be seated with it. At one stage, an inter-ministerial committee was made to coordinate the development project of Langalband. In the chairmanship of Prime Minister’s Chief Secretary Ahmad Kayakus, this committee’s meeting was held in December 7 in the meeting that will not be in charge of formation of public works. Because, they could not work in six years. LGD will make a new master plan. In this, the Department of Architecture will be responsible for the consultant. After preparing the master plan, development work will begin again.

Director of Gautam Prasad Chowdhury, director of the infrastructure development project of LGED Langlamba, the infrastructure development project, said in the first light, it can not be done so many years without the master plan. When the project is passed, there was nothing yet to say. Some of their projects are subject to half

There is a thea. He said, after the master plan, the current project of LGED could be modified.

Half-ghat, construction materials of all
52 percent of the physical progress of 121 crore projects taken by LGED sports. The construction work of 8 in 15 ghates has ended. Reforms of roads have ended. The end of the parking construction is at the end. But in order to make a new master plan, the construction work stopped for more than six months.

Langalband went down to Bas Stand to appear in the gaundanan’s ghat. On March 23, it is seen that the work of construction of a ‘dormitory’ has been kept in half-up before Langalband market. Two half-built ghat before the market. There is no connection with ghat. The people of the neighborhood are bathing in bamboo stairs.

Bhadriswari Kalighat in front of the market. The construction of three new ghates started around it. But did not end. Only a ghat pillar has been taken. The construction of the construction material for creating infrastructure has been left.

Sugit Saha, General Secretary of the Langalband Son, Sujit Saha, said in the first light, “One organization blames another organization for not finishing work so much. Finish fast work, that’s what we want. ‘

Talking to the project related people, there is no connection with one of the new ghates that have been created. According to the new decision, the ghat will be created in such a way that one is connected with one. If this decision is implemented, the newly built and half-made ghat may be broken. But LGED is trying to make a master plan to keep the infrastructure of themselves.

Bangladesh Institute of Planes (BIP) general secretary Adil Muhammad Khan said in the first light, “It is a promise of coordinators in government agencies. Each organization’s idea is to pass a big project in some way, if they can pass a big project. But the Prime Minister’s rule was that he might observe the purposes that the cherishes would come well. ‘He said that if this common thing is kept in mind, and easily implemented projects can be taken.