April 17, 2021


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Do not necessarily need food

Our preparations for dealing with the second wave of Karonaviras are going on. The first episode started in the lock. Experts say the second wave is stronger than last year. We can see that there are thousands of people suffering from thousands of people every day. The beds of hospitals are in the patient’s patient in Covid-19. As a result, doctors also have problems with medical services. As a result, there is no other way without being aware of ourselves.

From home in Lockdown, we can increase the body disease, so that it is not so much affected.

The first step in the resistance of the Coronavirus resistance is to build personal awareness and to increase the disease of the body, ie immune system. As a result, it is possible to easily prevent the fatalities of the Coronavirus infection, ie respiratory and digestive transmission. Simply say, any virus is the microorganic in protein, which is why people may be infected with fever, cough, breathing even fatal pneumonia (new). Apart from this, this virus can create terrible fatal diseases very easily. So to increase the resistance of body disease, you have to eat more anti-oxidant meals every day.

Vitamin C will eat rich fruit
Vitamin C will eat rich fruit: Anna Tuffatullina, Pekzelles dot com
Anti-oxidant is some vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which fight against the harmful free radicals of the body (body cells, proteins and DNA damage), help to prevent the risk of germ infection in the body from damage to the body cells. Main anti-oxidants are beta carotene, vitamin A, C, E, Likeopen, Luton Selenium etc.

To prevent the infection of the Coronavirus, the foods that will eat more than anti-oxidants:
Beta Carotene: Bright color fruits, vegetables. Such as carrots, polishes, mango, dal etc.

Vitamin A: Carrot, Paluchic, Sweet Potato, Sapikumra, grapefruit, eggs, salvage, milking food.

Vitamin E: Katradum, Peanut, Peestabad, Nut Oil, Bitches and Vegetable Oil, olive, Green Vegetables etc.

Vitamin C: Amloki, lemon, orange, green pepper, do it.

One of them is given a list of foods that play an important role in increasing the disease of the body. These foods will increase your body’s disease resistance power, as well as help you stay healthy in different ways.

Overall vegetable food is the best source of anti-oxidant, especially purple, blue, orange and yellow vegetables and fruits.

List of food required:
The fruits that are available at this time will be eaten such as pineapple.
The fruits that are available at this time will be eaten such as pineapple. Aliji: Aliji Merchand, Pekzelles dot com
Vegetable: Corala (beta carotene), parcel / red leaf copy, bit, broccoli, carrot, tomato, sweet potato, capsicum, cauliflower.

Speaker: Any kind and colored spinach

Fruit: Orange, Malta, papaya, grapes, mango, kiwi, brick, watermelon, berry, olive, pineapple etc.

Spices: Ginger, garlic, yellow, cinnamon, pepper.

Other: Shim Beaches, Peas, Beach, Burrley, Oats, Red Rice and Flour, Nuts

Talk yogurt: This is probiotics, which prevent the risk of respiratory and digestive transmission. On the other hand, vegetables, fruits, nuts and nuts, enhances the antibodies of the vaccine vaccine in the body, which plays an active role in preventing StepTococcus pneumonia.

Tea: Tea: Green T, Lal Thainin and EGCG have an anti-oxidant, which make many compounds of fighting against the germs in our body strengthens the disease resistance in the body.

Apart from this, Vitamin B-6, Zink-National Food (Beachijati, Nuts, Marine Food, Milk etc.) increases the prevention of diseases in the body. So this kind of food will be eaten more.

High quality meal foods (eggs, chicken meat etc.) will be eaten more.

To get a very good job of anti-oxidants, cooking in excess heat or long time without cooking foods should be cooked at the necessary temperature.

In addition to the above food, pneumonia will have to eat high pride. The damaged cells and tissues will quickly recover and new tissues will be created as well. Need enough sleep. Inadequate amount of sleep reduces the pressure of the disease by increasing the pressure of cortisol hormones in the body, so there will be enough sleep.

That food should be omitted
All types of carbonated drinks, bidi, cigarette, joker, tobacco, suitably, khir etc. These barriers to prevent disease prevention increases the risk of infection in the lungs, cold foods, ice cream, sugar and sugar made foods (which helps virus infection).

The purpose of this writing is to fulfill the needs of the correct nutrients to help improve disease resistance in everyone’s body, so that you can only be physically able to deal with all types of virus infections.

Author: Chief Nutrition of Nutrition and Divisional Chief, Nutrition Division, Bardem Hospital.