April 17, 2021


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Everyone has laid the mask thrush

The incidence of taxes has increased again. So much has increased that the government has been forced to pay lockdown across the country. Following various hygiographies including mask, the reluctance and negligence of common people are a big reason for this situation. Some people have acknowledged the hygiene and yet, he can not be told exactly. It is difficult to understand that they are doing mask with mask. The nose-mouth open, spiting mask.

Today’s doing this situation seems like that, like ordinary people, the government’s ‘spit’ so many days a mask. If the government was properly ‘mouth-nose’ in the last year, then there may not have been lockedown today; Do not do so much habits to get treatment of the victims.

It is said that the second wave of Karona has come in the country. At the beginning of the first wave, identified and death was less than two years. Gradually it has increased. But now it is seen that since the beginning of the second wave, all previous records are broken for daily identification. But the amount of warning that was seen in the last year is not being observed. Instead of having many faces, the mask is taking place in the spit. But the same situation is also seen in the government. Because, what the government had to do is still remained at ‘level’.

Let’s give an example of how about the matter. It is clear in the first waves, how important it is to give the intensive care center and the necessary oxygen for the treatment of the victims. According to the media, according to the news, there are not intensive care centers (ICU) in the 31 districts of the high risk of the infection. But 10 months ago, the government was ordered to set up ICU unit in every district sadar hospital from the highest level of the government. But there is no improvement in so many days. Public health experts say that due to the ICU unit is not created at the district level, health department is responsible for the health department.

Let’s see the topic of the supply of oxygen. The news published in the media reported that the government took a plan to establish Central Oxygen Plant (providing uninterrupted oxygen supply system) in 79 hospitals across the country. But on Thursday, oxygen supply started till 38. The rest of the work is still going on. It is said that the rate of work was reduced after the rate of infection was reduced a few days ago. Even the basis of cancellation of this work! And so, even if the second wave of the taxonah falls into Bangladesh, the supply of uninterrupted oxygen supply all over the country.

But the government says that talking about the health media of the common people is talking about. We are also complying with many people do not believe or believe it. But what was the key to do the government? In the above two news, it is clear that the government did not work at work time. If it is now at least in search of oxygen, people did not have to be helpless. Recently, we see the death of the patient’s death in the ambulance without getting oxygen in various hospitals in the media. The situation was seen last year. The question is, what did the government learn from the first wave to treat taxon? Or did the government dropped the mask spit from the nose-mouth like the rates of infection? In the language of the health, which is ‘more happy’. Is it a horrible amazing government’s office? Otherwise, there is no such situation.

Suppose you’re going through a knife filled with the first time. Since there was no idea about this, so you can stumble. But after a few days, if you do not learn from the previous experience and can not skip in the same street, then the fault is in your own neck. The government’s situation is also feeling like doing this.

The contrast of various decisions of the government is observed. On the one hand, tourism and entertainment centers are being closed in the country, the government is directing the public. On the other hand, the government is the participation of millions of students under a department of the government. Discussion and discussion of this with social communication. It is said that the crowd is more than going with the students, etc. In such a situation, someone will leave their own child alone, as much as it is stupid. But those who organized such a test in the pestilence, themselves? What was the value of the test more than life? Or do not do the test?

There is no one to answer these questions. Answer maybe nobody wants to give. Because, when answering, the answer to accountability comes. The desire or interest of standing in that tribe can not be seen in anyone. Therefore, the government authorities do not see the pain of the government authorities to see if he is supposed to take half a passenger on the bus. Although the passengers have to go with twice the rent, with the harassment of free.

Therefore, many people in this country are not very different from the mask, the government’s condition. So, as well as giving a normal public, our government can also match the real relief from doing what our government will be aware of the real sense. Otherwise, no one should be suffering from noble.

Arnab Sanyal Author and Journalist