April 14, 2021


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The democratic situation is bad

The democratic situation in Bangladesh is going to worse. Bangladesh’s position is weakening in the index of liberal democratic index and selection-based democracy. The indication of the Sweden-based research institute Varitage of Democracy (V-Dame) report.

V-Dame Institute of Sweden Gothenberg University has been publishing reports on global regulations for five years. This year’s report title ‘Autocratization Goos Viral’. The report was published on March 11.
It has been said in the report that in the liberal democratic index (Liberal Democracy Indesk) 154th of Bangladesh’s position between 179 countries. Score zero decimal 1. The score decreased by the zero decimal 019 than last time.

In the report, ‘Election-based democracy index’ (Electoral Democracy Index) has occurred in Bangladesh. The current position of Bangladesh in this index is 138th, score zero decimal 27 The score decreased around 031 031.
Besides, Liberal Component Indesk is the position of Bangladesh 161th. In the 176th, Participatory Component Indesk, 176th, Participatory Component Indesk, is in 158th position in Eagtisian Component Incoming.
According to the V-Dem Institute, Bangladesh has been in the constitutional part of the ‘Election-based voluntary voluntary voluntary’ (electoral autocracy) section. This means that democracy in this country is oppressed. And he gradually places an arbitrary rule. However, the position of Bangladesh was also in the previous report. That is, the location of this country is unchanged as the nature of democracy.

Awami League Joint General Secretary Mahbub Ul Alam Hanif said in the first light that the culture of culture of people in this region, including the Western world, co-culture, socio-economic position and education are completely different. As a result, there is a difference in the distinction of the people of this region with Western perspective with democracy. Democracy in Bangladesh is very liberal. The Western evaluation of Bangladesh is not true.
It has been said in the report that India has come down from election-based democracy to the election-based volunteer level. India is called the country of the world’s largest democracy. According to the report, the country is constantly walking towards dictatorship from democracy in the last 10 years and freedom of newspapers, intellectuals and teachers have become severely narrowed. It has also been reported in the report that there is a intensive relationship with Narendra Modi led by the Indian Janata Party (BJP) election.

It has been said in the report that the impact of arbitrage rule in the world is increasing. The worst condition is in Poland. Due to the epidemic of doing this situation, the situation has worse. In many countries, strict control over democratic structure has been imposed on the democratic framework. But many democratic countries have tried to behave responsible in this time. Fatal and 23 countries in 9 countries have violated the moderate levels of international rules. The situation has been worst in dictatorship countries, in 55 countries have violated the international rules.

It has been found in the report that the election-based volunteer is now the most common type of volunteer in the world around the world. The number is most. In all, there are 68 percent of the world’s population in whole and partly voluntary countries. But in 2010 it was 48 percent. And the number of liberal democratic countries have decreased 32. There are 14 percent of the total global population in these countries. Electoral Democracy has 60 countries. These countries have 19 percent of the world’s population.

In the annual democracy report of V-Dem, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are in the top three places respectively. Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan and Afghanistan are ahead of Bangladesh among other South Asian countries. According to Covid-19 epidemic, there was a serious violation of international rules in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. On the other hand, Bangladesh and Pakistan have violated in moderate levels.
The report said that the democracy is risking in the global situation all over the world. It has been said that in 2020, two-thirds of the total of the country’s freedom of the media has been imposed on moderate levels. Emergency steps have been taken without a deadline in one-third country. Thus, to limit the freedom of media and feeling excessive of emergency power, Covid-19 disease can stabilize the wheel of democracy.
According to the report, the series of liberal democracy worldwide are continuously. In particular, this feature is observed in Pacific Asia, Central Asia, East Europe and Latin America. In 10 countries, including Brazil, India, Turkey, the democratic situation has been the highest difference. Of these, six countries have become completely dictatorship.

Badiul Alam Majumder, editor of the citizen (Sujon), said in the first light, “The international organizations like V-Dem shows the status of index. We see the democratic system of Bangladesh in his own eyes, feel. We are constantly coming down under the democratic system of Bangladesh. ‘He said that democracy of Bangladesh was the election. It is not now.