May 19, 2021


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There is no barrier to shooting in lockdown

Lockdown all over the country from today. In such a situation, the small screen organizations have decided not to stop shooting 12 hours. But the time has changed. Before the shooting was 10am to 10pm. And now it is 6am to 6pm. But the organization is not inspired by shooting. It has been said that if someone asks for one thing, then starting from 6am to 6pm, starting from 6am to 6pm. At that time, must adhere to hygiene. At the same time, the strict policies of the small screen will be set up. However, Considering the situation, it may soon be announced to stop shooting.

Acterist Sangha President Shahiduzzaman Selim said that the industrialists, banks, insurance and emergency services will be introduced in the government notification. There is no barrier to shooting the situation at this time. He said, ‘We are not encouraged to shoot an artist. We should have in our house for life needs. But if someone wants, you can continue shooting. ‘

Shooting was stopped with Lockdown announcement last time
Shooting was closed with Lockdown announcement last time: collected
Shooting was stopped with Lockdown announcement last time. It can not say directly to the small screen organizations. They have been prepared for them. Directors Gilder President Salahuddin Lavlu said that the industry and office in the notification have been asked to start in limited size. The emergency work can not be excluded. They can not understand these things yet. He thinks that their work is the place of bread-rouse. From that place they are asking to shoot carefully. However, the final decision will be taken soon with shooting. It may also be stopped shooting. Salahuddin Lavlu said, ‘Stop shooting straight, we can not say it. Close, we have to take responsibility for colleagues. It is not possible by us. Again, ‘Shooting’ ‘- I can not also say. Then the government will catch us. We are not in favor of shooting, not against it. ‘

The dawn can be shooting from 6am to 6pm
Soon shooting from 6am to 6pm will be shooting: Collected
Builderer Al Hazen is shooting in Pubilee in Gazipur. Farooq Ahmed, Saju Khadem, Ma, Tanzika Amin, are acting in the ‘Mehman’ drama in his direction. Asked how many rules of shooting, he said, “I am trying to shoot the highest hygiene. Hand sanitizer, mask is all. Nobody wants to obey anyone, nobody wants. But there is a strict command to believe in my rules. ‘This manufacturer is shooting in the lockdown tomorrow. But whether to shoot, not yet decided. The organization that decisions will work in compliance with it.