April 14, 2021


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‘Virtual Internship’ for Students

In order to get a graduate certificate at many universities, the work experience has to be done as an apprentice (intern) in the last year. In the current situation, since the campus closed, the institutions are not being employed as before, so the opportunity to work as an apprenticeship has decreased slightly. But the opportunity to make online internships at the same time. Only the last year students are not, sit in the house, who want to use the time, try to try according to the ability to apply.

Let’s know about some of the opportunities to work as an apprentice online.


For the last year students of the university, mobile phone service has started Banglalink ‘Virtual Internship Program’. University Grants Commission The last year students of approved educational institutions can apply. As well as education, the experience of participating in co-education activities will be given importance. Internira will get the opportunity to work online in different sections of the organization on May-June. Applying to April 11. Click this link to apply.


Youth School for Social Enterprinars (WiSSE) is taking action as an apprenticeship. Work 20 hours a week in the ‘Work Fom Home’ system in four months. Applications of interested students are being accepted in different fields including admin-HR, marketing-PR, Business Development, Graphic Design. Any level students can apply. Priority will be available if there is an occupation of skill and Microsoft office in English language. The application must be in April 5. Click this link to know more.

GEM Apparels

Application is being taken from the students ‘Content Management’ and ‘Content Management’ and ‘Graphic Design’ in the GIM Apparel. From the first to the fourth year students can apply for this ‘virtual internship’. To apply for apprenticeship in graphic design, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator’s work is important. 3 months to work. The last date of application is on April 12.

With Mizan seen just below the media-bridge in the capital. Bhola’s son Mizan has crossed two years of life. The difference was only one, earlier, earlier tuned and sold the goods to the appointment. Selling belts now lost in Capital capital.

In the first light of Mizan, the belt’s business is also in the fear of whether the trade of Lockdown is over. From this fear, he also went to protest with the businessmen of New Market and its adjacent areas. Since two and a half, they blocked the front of the Newmarket. At one stage, they vandalized two cars separately. The incidents of flip with police. On the afternoon, the movement of the protesters was removed from the road to five o’clock in the afternoon.

Reads of the capital’s New Market traders in the lockdown shop. If necessary, they want to keep the store open on condition of adhering to hygiene perfectly.

President of New Market Business Association Dewan Aminul Islam Shahin said in the first light that traders announced the human chain program for the stomach.

In a while, the businessmen and employees of the surrounding areas including New Market, New Super Market, Chandrima, Gausia, Chandrika came down to the streets. Some people are excited and slightly vandalized. Now the situation is normal. The next step will be taken by discussing the top organization of traders with FBCCI.

The membership of the New Market Business Association is approximately 500. The association says that there are more than three and a half shops of different things including clothing, stationery, clock, toys, ornaments made in the New Market. There are also footpath businessmen outside of it. The number of businessmen-employees is more than two and a half thousand. More than 10 thousand people when they caught dependent members.

Asked what exactly what you wanted in this situation, Dewan Aminul Islam Shahin said, ‘See, if you have a lockdown, you have to pay full lockdown. But the government is offering some sectors. The purpose of lockdown in this will be disrupted. The government said to keep the industrial open. Whom will they sell products when shops are closed? ‘

The shop owners and employees demanded to keep the business entrepreneurs open on condition of administering hygiene by procession procession. On Sunday noon, in the New Market area of ​​the capital.
The shop owners and employees demanded to keep the business entrepreneurs open on condition of administering hygiene by procession procession. On Sunday noon, in the New Market area of ​​the capital. Photo: Prothom-alo
Trying to try to turn to the rush of corona, the demand for traders will have to ensure an alternative to keeping shoppers open. They say that 15 days before Rosa, there is a different demand for people in the first 15 days of Rosa and the last 15 days. During this time there is more than the seller of different shops. At this time the lockdown again will be lagging behind them. They feared that seven-day lockdown will increase further. They will not have any other way without sitting on the way.

On Sunday, New Market turn talks with different products like Mizan. All hands on the head of Lockdown. New Market Jamdani Store is a lot of old shops. Faisal Hossain of this shop. In the first light, he said, “Last year, I did not pay salary and bonus during Eid. This will happen now. If the market is closed, shop-business is all off. Income-earnings will also be closed. ‘

As Faisal Hossain, like Salim New Market is working for many years. The previous institution has been closed due to taxoning. Now the sultan worked in garment garment.

He said, all the workers of this shop are new as him. Many workers lost jobs last year. Now they are also afraid of losing work.

The government says, Lockdown announced to save life. It is questioned that the T-shirts vendor below the footstep-bridge is near Monirul Islam. Quickly responded, the health media was stunned at the beginning. Nobody did not mind. That is why the patient is increasing. Healthcare should be given the opportunity to do business on perfectly believing.