May 19, 2021


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BGMEA President is Faruk Hasan

Faruk Hasan, managing director of Giant Group, is the next president of BGMEA, an association of garment industry owners. The Sammilita Parishad under his leadership has won 24 out of 35 directorships in Dhaka and Chittagong. On the other hand, Forum 11 led by ABM Samsuddin has won the post of director.

The election of the board of directors of BGMEA for the term 2021-23 was completed peacefully on Sunday. In ten hours of voting, 6 percent of the voters in Dhaka and Chittagong or 1,996 people cast their votes. The counting started at 7 pm after the voting. The list of winners was unofficially released by the Election Board headed by Syed Farhat Anwar at around 12:30 pm.

Faruk Hasan won the election with the highest number of 1,204 votes. Rubana Haque, the current president of BGMEA, was elected with the second highest number of votes. His son Navidul Haque has won. However, the party leader of the forum ABM Samsuddin lost with 904 votes.

The winners of the joint council in Dhaka are Farooq Hasan, SM Mannan, Arshad Jamal, Shahidullah Azim, Shahreen Salam, Asif Ashraf, Mohiuddin Rubel, Tanvir Ahmed, Khasru Chowdhury, Abdullah Hill Rakib, Harun Ar Rashid, Rajiv Chowdhury, Miran Ali, Khandaker. Islam, Imranur Rahman, Nasir Uddin and Sajjadur Rahman Mridha. The winners of the forum are Rubana Haque, MA Rahim, Mahmud Hasan Khan, Asif Ibrahim, Faisal Samad, Navidul Haque, Vidiya Amrit Khan, Enamul Haque Khan, Mizanur Rahman.

On the other hand, the winners of the joint council in Chittagong are Syed Nazrul Islam, Tanvir Habib, AM Shafiul Karim, Md. Hasan, M Ahsanul Haque, Rakibul Alam Chowdhury, Mohammad Meraj-e-Mostafa. And the winners of the forum are Md. M Mohiuddin Chowdhury and Mohammad Abdus Salam.

The winning directors will elect a president and seven vice-presidents on April 18. Then, if all goes well, the new BGMEA committee for the next two years will take over on April 20.

After eight long years, there has been a competitive vote in the BGMEA leadership election. In Dhaka and Chittagong, 70 candidates from the election-centric alliance Sammilita Parishad and Forum have contested for the post of 35 directors of the organization. Another alliance called Swadhinata Parishad has jointly elected with the Sammilita Parishad.

In order to conduct the election smoothly in accordance with the social distance in the high contagion of epidemic corona, the election board voting time was made ten hours instead of eight hours.

However, hygiene was observed inside the Radisson Hotel in Dhaka but it was not possible outside. This is because a large number of supporters of the Sammilita Parishad went out in the morning to draw the attention of the voters by wearing cards around the polling booths. Although there were supporters of the forum, it was not enough. The leaders of the forum expressed their displeasure over the issue more than once.

The Board of Directors of BGMEA was last elected by the general members in 2013. The Joint Council and the Forum then negotiated for two terms in the leadership election. In the first phase of that agreement, that is, on 22 September 2015, a committee was formed under the leadership of Siddiqur Rahman of the Sammilita Parishad. That committee served for 43 months with various excuses. The two alliances took the initiative to form a conciliation committee in the next term. However, the Swadhinata Parishad interfered. There are various attempts to stop them in the election. But in the end, the Swadhinata Parishad fielded candidates in a fragmented panel. That is why there is a vote to protect the rules in Dhaka.